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We have a new bernese mountain dog in our kennel - it's a girl

Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo

After the sudden loss of our beloved Gabana in our kennel just left her daughter Shanel Cesar Brizo. Everyone was sad... But I already knew that when Shanel will give a birth I will keep one puppy girl to live with us. In november Shanel Cesar Brizo became a mother for the wonderful 10 puppies, from them 3 were girls. They all were very nice, but the pink girl was exclusive. When she just born we were greeted with a lovely smile, her pink nose was marked with a black pigment. This girl reminded us a little bit her grandmother Gabana... All this cause, that this cute puppie with a pink ribbon has stayed to live with us.

Hilary O'Hara's mother is our breeding Shanel Cesar Brizo. Father - a wonderful Keep In Touch della Torre d'Ovarda (Taczi). His homelande is Italy, but in this moment he is living in the kennel "Kraina Zeusa", in Poland. Taczi's father ir very famous having french blood Tannhauser des Hautes Vernades. Mother - Blue Suede Shoes Torre d'Ovarda, it's italian blood. Keep In Touch della Torre d'Ovarda is very kind, friendly and gorgeous dog. He has a perfect body anatomy, bony. Very good pigmentation and colors. He moves wonderfully. His weight is 58 kg, but it seams that he is not running, but swimming... Taczi's pedigree involves many wonderful, bony and excellent standard dogs, We also hope that our breeding puppies will be the same perspective as their relatives. Many thanks for the kennel "Kraina Zeusa" and its owners Olga and Arturas for given possibility to have those puppies from awesome bernese bear...

mažiukė Hilary
HilaRY O'Hara  2 mėn

Hilary O'Hara was born on the 15th november in 2011 (the horoscope sign - scorpion). In this litter she was the 9th, 14:36, her weight was 515 g. She was very lively puppy. Her favorite hobby was and still is to eat good and a lot. The girl is very nice, breave and calm. She greets everyone with a joy and happiness. Hilary O'Hara has wonderful colors, wonderful body anatomy and movements. We already are learning how to stand correctly in the ring and show the teeth. We hope that she will grow up very nice and perspective bernese mountain dog!



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