May this year is cool. Dogs like this weather. Shanel is 10 year, but she feel strong yet. Today from forest, she come back with deer's hornes.

Nordic dog show in Roskilde

2019.05.10 was Nordic Dog show Roskilde, Sweden, judge Andras Korozs, Hungary. Our girl Givenchy Tai Brizo aka Kiwi was in junior class. First day from 8 females, she got Excellent with very good critique. Next day she got Very Good. Thank you to owner and hendler Madelene Fiberg for the good job and good luck in the future.

You will be in our hearts for ever...



It is heartbreaking. Yesterday you were running on the seaside, swimming in the Baltic Sea and today you are not here with us anymore. It happened so suddenly and unexpected. Doctors gave us hope, operation was done but unfortunately you left this world... Thank you vet. doctors Linas Varanauskas, Aistė Balcieriūtė-Lapinskienė, Loreta Norkutė, Vytautas Sabūnas for effort to help.
I still can’t believe what you are not more with us. It seams that anytime you run to me and ask for a cuddle and kiss your wet freckled nose. You loved all of us so much. Our friends used to call you a “rubber” just because you were able to concur everyone’s heart and be cuddled all the time. And how much you adored the water! You could swim in any swamp at any season. You were a good swimmer and felt that I have a fear to swim so you were protecting by letting me to stay in the water only. My Hilary, thank you for all days spent together, for your endless and unconditional love, friendship, loyalty, clever eyes, given wonderful puppies. At home your mom Shanel and daughter Blueberry are missing you. Your daughter is so alike you. Blueberry was a blood donor to save you but nobody knows what is our fate. I feel you are near me, your name is on my lips, your mom and daughter are reacting to it. My Hilary, you haven’t left us we just can’t see you. You are near us, in our minds and hearts...


 Pictures, memories and pain stayed only... 



At Baltic sea

April. Shanel, Hilary, Blueberry had great time at Baltic sea. Water was cold yet, 10C only, but all dogs swam.



Spring came finally. Dogs are so happy. They miss  green fields, warm days.



This year winter is very strange. One day we have snow storm, cold, next day rain and all snow is gone again. With dogs we try to cath beautiful winters moments. They are happy to see and play in the snow...

10 anniversary

''S'' litters puppies are celebrating 10th Anniversary. From 12 puppies are alive Shanel Cesar Brizo and brother Shantrell (Barnis) only. Both are healthy, strong and feel good. Shanel, Shantrell, Happy10th anniversary!!! Wish you health and nice, happy days with us many many years...

Last days with Amati

Amati is a big boy already. His weight is 20 kg, changed teeths. The last weeks are nice here. We have many snow, cold days. Amati very likes winter. Boy, good buy. Have a safe trip to a new home. 


Happy New Year 2019...



Thank you for the doctors

Delivery finished finally. Puppies and mom are at home. We want to say big THANKS for the vet. doctors L.Varanauskas, L.Norkute for the professionalism, night counseling, surgery, for the saved, donated life.

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