Thank you for the doctors

Delivery finished finally. Puppies and mom are at home. We want to say big THANKS for the vet. doctors L.Varanauskas, L.Norkute for the professionalism, night counseling, surgery, for the saved, donated life.

Was born litter ''A''

2018-09-07 was born new bernese mountain dogs litter ''A''. We have 6 beautiful puppies (3 boys and 3 girls). Mom and puppies feel good. More info about new litter is in page ''We have puppies''

Trip to Sweden

''G'' litters puppies left home. We help for Givenchy to meet her new mom Madelene. Me, granddaughter Austeja and Givenchy had great trip with ferry to Sweden. I am so proud. Little female was so brave and calm... New ''mom'' she met with waiving her tail. 

we wait a new litter

We have a great new. After 2 years pause Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo will be a mom again. Puppies father is handsome boy Coeli Lumen Eos Everestas from Russia. Puppies will born in the begining of September.

''F'' litter, Happy 4th Birthday

''F'' litters puppies, Happy 4th Birthday! Be healthy and happy always...Best wishes from homeland mom Hilary, grandmom Shanel and half sister Berry.

Harry went to the rainbow meadows...

We got sad new from Norway. 2018.05.21 died our ''H'' litter's boy Harry Potter Tai Brizo. Two months ago vet. doctor found tumor. Surgery wasn't possible. Owners Lina, Andrius Mikalajunai did everything, that the last Harry's days be more happy, compfortable. Every day for Harry baked pancakes with fresh strawberries. Boy very liked caffe smell. Family had tradicion, the last drops of coffe to give for Harry. 5 o'clock in the morning on the owners heand he left  this world... Run free handsome boy in the rainbow meadows... You are stay in out hearts, momory for ever... Condolence for owners and THANK YOU for the wonderful, happy Harry's life. 


May is the most beautiful month. Dogs are so happy to play in the green fields, to swim.  The last days are hard for Blueberry... In the middle May she will become a mom... 

World Earth Day...

 March 20- World Earth Day! With Blueberry, Hilary and Shanel we had great walk. Day was fantastic. Blue sky, sun, temperature +4C. Snow is melted. Nature wakes up...

''M'' litter's birthday!

''M'' litter's girls and boys, Happy 4th Birthday ! Wish you all loooong , happyyyyy life! Kisses and hugs from mom Shanel, sisters Hilary, Blueberry and me.

Came cold winter's days

February is cold. Temperature outside is -20C. Before the walk on dogs  paw I put special cream. Long dog's coat protect them from cold.

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