Rain, rain, rain...

This year we have very wet autumn. Almost 3 weeks are going rain. Full of wather rivers, lakes, swamps. Terible situacion in the town, many streets are under water. The fields, meadows, where we like to walk, full of water also. From walk dogs returns wet and so dirthy....




Black Truffle had dysplasias test

Our girl Black Truffle Tai Brizo lives in Denmark. In November she had dysplasias tests. We are so happy and proud. Girls is clear, her elbows and hips looks excellent HD-A/A, ED- 0/0. Congratulations to owner Anne Mette Poulsen.

''R'' litter, Happy 1st Birthday!

''R'' litter are celebraiting first birthday! Puppies, I wish you many happy, healthy years together with family... Love you all!


September came. Outside is warm +18C. We ar going to swim, in the forest for the mushrooms... 





Tiffany is free from dysplasia

''B'' litters dogs are 18 months old already. Came time to do dysplasias tests. We are so happy. Our girl from litter Breakfast At Tiffany Tai Brizo is free from dysplasia HD-A/A, ED-0/0. Congratulations to owner Loreta Norkute.

Beautiful summer

Hot days of the summer, we go with dogs to the lake. Here we cath fish, swiming and have picnic. Girls very like play, swim in the warm water. They are good territory security. Here even is not place fo the swams.

dog show ''Gintarine Zemaitija 2017''

At dog show Plunge 2017.07.16 ''Gintarinė Žemaitija 2017'' (judge S.V. Zarieckiy, Belarus) in open class Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo- EXCELLENT 4, Breakfast At Tiffany Tai Brizo- EXCELLENT 5. After dog show we went to rest in the park...

Dog show in Plunge

2017.07.15 was CAC dog show in Plunge, Lithuania, judge Manola Poggesi, Italy. From 5 females in open class Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo- Excellent4. She got very good comments. Judge said that her movement from all females was the best, but is 4 place, because female is totally without coat. Judge would like to see her in the ring with new coat. Was not successful day for Tiffany. She didn't want run in the ring. She didn't like neighbors in second ring, was angry why they are barking and do not look like bernese mountain dogs. Late she understud  that need to listen hendler and started to run, but was too late. Stubborn girl got Excellent 5


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