About Shanel Cesar Brizo




On the 30th of January in 2009 Gabana brought 12 nice puppies in this world and my hart always secretly wanted to leave a one girl in this kennel. I was dreaming about a puppy girl, but Gabana was laboring only boys, one after one. Finally at 5:25 AM, the 8th puppy was a girl, she was 505 g weight and she simply adored me! My daughter Diana screamed with a joy “Eureka, Shanel has born”! Exactly, magical number 5 brought this name to her and finally we decided that this litter will be from the letter “Sh”.Time was running and puppies were growing and became nicer. All puppies were very active, only Shanel was different with her calm character. She was more an observer than active player. When Shanel was only 6 weeks, she was the first who jumped on the sofa and controlled the situation to her brothers and sisters form the top. Of course Shanel was very careful and couldn’t jump out from the sofa, so she informed us with a barking that somebody had to come and put her down.

Shanel’s father is a very adorable and kind CESAR SURPRISES KENSEN. He was born in the kennel “Surprises Kensen”, in Latvia. Now this kennel has a new name “Euro Kensen” and brides dogs in Denmark. Cesar Surprises Kensen (friends are calling Cezaris) lives in the kennel “Alpių slėnis“ (Lithuania). Thanks to breeder Andrina for this beautiful and wonderful father for our lovely puppies.

Shanel Cesar Brizo is well build with good bones. She is young and still growing. Shanel inherits a shiny, strong, long and wavy fur from her mother Gabana. My little girl is very good temperament, her movements are free and light. She has a long step, so she can run very fast. Shanel is very kind, lovely and tender. She looks with a fear to other peoples’ or animals’ aggressiveness and she even doesn’t like a rude voice tone. Shanel is trying to ingratiate in any way. She shines with her endless energy and always ready to go with me anywhere, even to the end of the world. The feeling “tired” is unknown for her.



 Shanel is very obedient, emotional and very close with me. With other people Shanel is very careful and she doesn’t like when somebody is stroking her. Her exclusive hobby is to hold different things in her mouth. During the walking she always finds something interesting to put and hold in her mouth. Usually it is plastic bottles, paper coffee cups or various sticks. She often brings this stuff to home. Both my girls agree well with each other. Even Gabana is older, but Shanel is the leader in a family. This girl is very special for us. My hands helped her to come into this world, the first time to open her eyes, assuredly stand up and be a member of our family. She will always be “a little princess Shanel”, which was born, grew up and live in our kennel.



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