about Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo
The kennel has a new member - girl Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo
After a sudden loss of Gabana we left only with her daughter Shanel. The atmosphere was very sad. I already decided to keep one puppy from the next Shanel's litter. In November she gave a birth to 10 wonderful puppies from which 3 girls. All of them were pretty but one with a pink ribbon was special.
She was the ninth puppy born on 2011.11.15 14:36 and weight 515g. She was smiling and her pink nose had a black mark. The girl looked a bit alike her grandmother Gabana. All of this led that this puppy would stay in our kennel. Hilary is very loving, courageous and very happy surrounded by people. Her favorite hobby is to eat well and a lot. We hope that she will grow up beautiful and smart bernese mauntain dog.
Hilary's mom is Shanel Cesar Brizo and dad - Keep in Touch Torre d'Ovarda (Taczi) born in Italy and living now in the kennel "Kraina Zeusa" in Poland. In the pedigree there are beautiful dogs from France, Italy, Findland. Taczi is lovely, friendly, beautiful and with the very good character dog. He has an excellent body anatomy, beautiful colour layout, bony and great movements. Thanks to the breader Olga and Artur for opportunity to have puppies from this wonderful bear.


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