Christmas litter "B"
It has passed 15 months after the last Hilary’s labor so the next litter was planned in Autumn. We chose the future puppies’ father living in Sweden close by, which was a right decision because of not knowing how Hilary’s progesterone will change and if we are going to make it on time. Our worries were real. On the 11th day of her heat the progesterone’s level was pretty high already (11,52 nmol/L). The tickets were in my pocket already, however I was still undecided if it is not to late to go there. A big thanks for a support to the Club President Svetlanai Posternekova which had a look of my girl and encouraged us to get ready for a trip. We left Klaipeda late evening and reached Sweden early morning already. Although the Baltic see was very calm, Hilary refused to go to walk outside the cabin. She didn’t like the blue rubber deck and easy moving ground. She walked very carefully and slow and her eyes were saying that she prefers to stay in the cabin for the rest of this journey. Sweden welcomed us with the Sun and golden autumn’s morning promised a success. 
Now it has passed one month exactly after the visit to Sweden. Some changes show that Hilary O‘Hara Tai Brizo will become a mummy for the second time! So with excitement we want to share these joyful news with everybody!
The future puppies’ father is handsome Bernljungens Flax BlackJack (short name is Jackson). His father is Askimsvikens Maximilian and mother Berntiers Queen Of The Hill. He was born between other 9 sisters and brothers on 15th May 2012 in the kennel Bernljungens in Sweden. The breeder is Cecilia Mogor. Now Jackson is living in the Ingrid Krabbe’s family in Fjalkinge. Most of the dogs from Jackson's pedigree come from Sweden and Finland kennels: Kronblommas, Bernerdalens, Berntiers, Werner Wix, Riccaron. He is very massive and bony male. His hight is 66cm and weight 60kg. Male has a very big and nice head, good anatomy and movements. Jackson has a wonderful temperament, he is brave, friendly and very gentle boy. Jackson's brother Uno and father Maximilian are the service dogs. Jackson can be very good service dog also. Thanks to the breeder Cecilia Mogor and owner Ingrid Krabbe for a wonderful oversee Prince, hospitality and other support!
During our trip I had an opportunity to visit my other three “puppies” and their families living in Sweden. One week in Sweden flew like one day. A BIG THANKS to the kennel Berneroasens Claes, Petrina Andersson, Rolf, Bettina Lundberg for the hospitality, helping to fulfil my dreams, support and tour of this splendid country. It is so good to have friends like they are! We came back to Lithuania with the boat named “Victoria". This name gave us hope that it was worthy to go to Sweden and the mating was successful which will bring wonderful puppies to this world! Hilary feeling good and has excellent appetite. She without dry food Royal Canin eating all vegetables and fruits : carrots, read beet, pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes, mandarins, apples, grapes...
This litter is going to be very special because we are expecting puppies right before Christmas! We will be looking for the best and most responsible owners. Maybe some puppies will become a Christmas present which will be given after 2 months. We are waiting for the Christmas, magical night and puppies…


Bernljungens Flax BlackJack
HD-A, ED-0

Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo
HD-A, ED-0, eyes are clear
DM- N/N exon 1, N/A exon 2


HD A, ED 0
HD-A, ED-0 
2007 alive
 HD-A, ED-0
Sweden 2003 AOD 11,9
Sweden 2000
HD-A, ED-0
HD-A, ED-0, AOD 12.2
 Sweden 1997
Sweden 1998
HD-A, ED-0
2009 alive
HD-B, ED-0
HD-B, ED-0
Sweden 2002 AOD-8
 HD-B, ED-0 Finland 2002
 HD-A, ED-0
2004 AOD 8.5
HD-A, ED-0
AOD 6.2 injured by moose
Sweden 2003
HD- A, ED- 0, AOD 9,7
Sweden 2002
HD-A, ED-0, eyes are clear
HD- A, ED- 0, DM-N/N
PL JCH, PL JClub winner'09,
J winner show Slovakia 2009, PL CH
2008.05.20   alive
HD-A, ED- 0
France AOD 10
HD- A, ED- 0
France  AOD 8 (borrelioze)
HD- A, ED- 0 France
1999.11.14 –19.08 2011   
Italy 2005.07.25-
HD- A, ED- 0
Finland AOD 10.7
HD- A, ED- 0
Italy AOD 8
HD-A, ED- 0
2009.01.30 alive
HD A/B, ED 0
2003-07-18   alive
Interchampion, BALTW'02, WD show 2003- 2 place
HD- B, ED-0
Denmark AOD 7.5
LT CH, LV CH, LT Winner 2002, Baltic Winner 2002
HD A/B, ED- 0
1998-12-09-2011 AOD 12.9 Latvia
HD- A, ED- 0
2006.12.23 -2011.09.06 (babesia)
 AOD 4.8 Lithuania
HD- A, ED- 0
 AOD 6.3 Slovakia
HD- A, ED- 0
  AOD 9.9 Lithuania 

Bernljungens Flax BlackJack videos and pictures:




Pictures from our trip to Sweden:



Runing the last days of pregnancy. Hilary looks tired. Big belly disturb to scrach ear, difficul is to run and walk already. Her appetite is not good, slowly female prepare for delivery.



2015.12.21   "B" 7 puppies (1 male ir 6 females)

We have Christmas litter! We were so busy the past few days that only now we found some time to write. Many people tryed to guess how many puppies Hilary will have, but nobody was right. My girl started give a birth on 21st December and finished on 22nd December. Delivery was natural, but long and difficult. We are glad that we could avoid the surgery. Hilary had a birth for 10 puppies (2 boys and 8 girls). Unfortunatelly we lost three puppies... Now we have 7 puppies alive (1 boy and 6 girls). I want to say a BIG THANKS to vet. doctor Tadas Venckus, who almost all night stayed with us and helped to bring puppies to the World. Thanks to vet. doctor Marytė Reketytė, who found time to check Hilary right after the delivery, to do ultrasound, to give medications and to cut the puppies' 5th fingers. We have one small, not strong girl and we are very warry about her future... Mom Hilary is eating, drinking and feeding puppies well, but she still needs more time to feel better and get stronger.


Passed first week. Puppies grew little. The smallest girls weight are more 600gr, the bigest puppy this week is pink girl. Her weight is 875gr. Mom feeling much stronger. She is eating very good and has enough milk for puppies.



Puppies are 2 weeks old. Mom Hilary has enough milk, puppies weight is growing good. A few babies opened eyes already. Puppies started respond to the sound and new smells.



Pupies are 3 weeks old.  All puppies opened the eyes. They are not all clear, but we can say that they all will be brown. Puppies stand on 4 legs, walking. We had first visitors already, started puppies socializations.


Puppies are 4 weeks old. They have teeths already. Like to eat porridge, drink mom's milk and water. Babies more stronge stand on legs, started to bark. They like to play with each other...


Puppies are 1 months old! They do not want more be in the box. Around world is so intresting! They are walking in all rooms... Puppies  runing faster, they more often started to bark, play. Soon them waiting first shower and hair fan...



Puppies had first bath. Nobody afraid wather. They have names aready. At pictures puppies are 1 months and 2 days old. We have a few available puppies yet...



Puppies are 5 weeks old. The time is running so fast. Puppies are growing every day. They are drinking mom's milk and eating biger norm of porridge. The snow is melted. Outside so dirthdy, every time rain. These days puppies sit in room...They are so missing winter, white snow... We have a few puppies who are looking a new family.



Puppies are 6 weeks old! They are bigger and smarter. We don't have small puppies more... All babies weight is more 5 kg. A few girls looking a new mom and dad. If you interest, please contact with us...



Puppies are 7 weeks old. Time is flying so fast. Puppies are bigger and smarter. From our club we are waiting puppies pedigree. Soon will be first vaccination, michrochip.



 "B" litters puppies are 8 weeks old. They are growing good and so fast. All puppies had medications from parasites, soon their waiting vaccination. Puppies weight are 8kg and more. They like be outside, meet new peoples, children, bycicle, babie's srollers...They have new socialization every day. Three nice females looking a new home yet: Blueberry Hill (red), Black Truffle (violet) and Baltic Black Balsam (yellow). If you are interest please write to us.



Puppies are 2 months old! Visit us came male's Bernljungend Flax BlackJack breeder Cecilia Mogor, owner Ingrid Krabbe and Berneroasen kennel's owner Petrina Anderson. Girls, thank you for the surprice, gifts for my birthday and friendship. You are the best!!! Puppies have pedigree already. They are vaccinated and have microchip. After few days first puppies will leave a home. A few girls looking a new family yet.



27 February first home left Breakfast At Tiffany Tai Brizo. Girl lives in Lithuania, near us. I will see her so often. Tiffany in family has friend berner senennhund Tornado. Nedas so happy to have a new puppy, and first night he decided to sleep together with Tiffany. I am calm for my girl, she found such a good family.


28 February home left Balzac Tai Brizo. He will lives in Lithuania, near us also. In family live dog, old german shepherd female. I hope dogs will become a good friend in the future.


Puppies are 10 weeks old. Their weight is more 11 kg. The bigest weigh has boy Balzac. His weight is more 12 kg. Puppies like to play outside. Meeting different people, children. They know in the yeard new sounds: cars, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard...




 First time puppies visited Baltic sea. We had all great time.



We have available  nice females! If you are interest, please contact with us...

Available female Black Truffle (violet ribbon). Girl has nice body anatomy, head, excellent movement, beautiful marking. She has good character, love children, people. She can be very good friend, can go to the dog show and be used for the breeding.



We looking new family for female Baltic Black Balsam (yellow ribbon). She has nice body, great bones, Muzzle hasn’t much white color, why we gave for her this name. She has nice character, is calm. 


Available female Blueberry Hill (red ribbon). Very nice female. Has nice body, movement, temperament. She is brave, playful. To her intresting all worlds.  She first going to meet new people, children. Blueberry every time want to be near peoples. She likes wather. In the yeard all swamps are her.  She can be very good caneteraphy dog. Bluberry Hill can go to the dog show and  be use for the breeding.


Home left our sweet dark princess Baltic Black Balsam Tai Brizo. She will lives in Latvia. Balsam is first bernese dog in family, I believe she is not the last...



Today came to take Black Truffle  Ane Mette Pulsen from Denmark. From first minute Anne had contact with puppy. After few days home leaving Bounty. Her waiting long trip to America. She will lives in Cheryl Howell family together with other bernese mountains dogs. The last day we all decided to spend at sea. Puppies said good for the Baltic sea, sand, to blue Lithuanian sky and me...   My sweet girls, be happy in new home.. I will miss you so much.


All  puppies have a new home. Goodbye my babies, be happy with new family.


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