Bernese mountains dogs litter ''R''

Hilary O‘Hara Tai Brizo soon will become a mum again! This time the prince comes from Poland, near the Baltic see. We had to make more than 1000 km in order to reach the wonderful city Szczecin and the smaller Tatyn where the male was waiting for us. The road was going through little villages, amazing polish nature, plant trees, corn and pumpkin fields. Szczecin is located on the Oder, south of the Szczecin Lagoon and the Bay of Pomerania. We reached destination in 15 hours. It was sunny and the first dog we saw in the street was berner zennenhund. We believed it was a good sign which will bring some luck for us.

We rushed to our date with the gorgeous male LUSION BE MY DREAM (Goyan). The male was born in the kennel “Lusion", Poland (breeder Marta Gorska). We immediately fell in love with his big head, right structure, light movements, long wavy fur, brown eyes, wonderful character and amazing smile (not every dog has it!). Goyan hight is 66 cm, weight is 55 kg. Hips and elbows are excellent: HD-A/A, ED-0/0, OCD (osteochondrosis) – free, eyes are clear. The genetic DM test (degenerative myelopathy) was done and he is clean DM- N/N. The father - Goyan v. Gipfelfeuer from Belgium, mother - Lusion Meres Of Twilight (Tammi) from Poland. Lusion Be My Dream looks like his father, for this reason at home they are calling him Goyan, in honor of his father. The male was born in the litter from 8 puppies. Goyan and his mother Tammi are not simple breeding dogs but also they both are attending trainings where they learn how to save drowning people from the water and how to search and help people in extreme situacion. They have a big success. The future mum Hilary adores water as well. I believe that this match will only strengthen the huge passion for the water and maybe some puppies will grow up as a wonderful safeguards.

The mating was natural and smooth. We left the hospitable home and rushed to visit Szczecin with population of 409 thousand. The next day we visited XII century Pomeranian Ducal Castle, National Museum, Port Gate and stunning The Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle and Church of St Peter and St Paul. After the second mating and delicious dinner we went back home to Lithuania. Thanks to Marta Gorska, Martyna Krupa for the hospitable home, for Goyan, mating and lovely time together. A sincere thanks to Darius Korzun who managed to reach our destination safely and fast. Klaipeda met us with a colorful smile - rainbow. We believed into the second sign of our trip…

Some changes show that Hilary is pregnant. We decided not to do the ultrasound and not to stress our lady. It doesn't matter how many puppies. Matters that they all be healthy, beautiful and the labour be smooth and easy. In the end of October when the leaves will change color, rain and wind will dance more often outside, we will be expecting puppies. 

Lusion Be My Dream
HD- A/A, ED- 0/0, OCD-0/0,
akys švarios,DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)- N/N
Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo
HD- A/A, ED- 0/0, akys švarios
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) exon1- N/N,
exon2- N/DM
Pre-Test Histiocytis Sarcoma- B

 Puppies pedigree:








HD-A, ED- 0, OCD-0/0, DM- N/N




Goyan v. Gipfelfeuer
HD-A, ED-0 
Born 16.07.2007 alive  Belgium

HD-B, ED-0  AOD 10,9!


IT CH Sonny v. Barimatteli
HD-B, ED-0
AOD 10,5 ! Switzerland
Bauernhofs Iselle
HD-A, ED-0, AOD 9   Sweden
Interchampion, NLCH
Esra v. Queenstolz
HD-B ED-0 
AOD: 6.1(stomach torsion)  Belgium


Can Swe CH, TP WD
Honey-Mix Bravo
HD-A, ED-0, OCD free
AOD 12,11! Sweden
HD-A/B, ED-0 AOD 12! Hungary



HD-A, ED-0, OCD-0/0
DM exon1-N/N, exon2-N/N
 Heart ok
HD- A, ED-0,  AOD 5,3  Italy
Interchampion BELG,NL CH
HD-A, ED- 0, AOD 4.2 Belgium
HD-A, ED- 0, AOD 10,6 Italy
HD-A, ED-0, OCD-free
heart ok, DM– N/N,
AOD 10,8! Poland
Interchampion BELG, NL, LUX CH
HD A/B, ED-0, AOD 11,11! Belgium
Interchampion CH, PL CH, PL.Win 2004
Wekerlei-Nagymedve Unschi
HD-A, ED-0,  AOD 6.6









HD-A, ED-0, eyes clear,
DM exon1-N/N, exon 2- N/DM,
Pre Test Histiocytis Sarcoma-B
PL JCH; PL, USA CH, Club Winner'11, PL Club J Winer, Junior Winner Spec. Dog Show'09 (SK), Winner of Intern. Dog Show Warsaw2011, Multiwinner  Dog Shows
HD-A, ED 0/0, DM N/N
HD-A, ED- 0  AOD 10!
HD-A, ED-0,
AOD 5,8 (borreliose) France
HD-A, ED-0,  AOD 11,7! France
HD-A, ED-0  Italy
HD-A, ED-0 , AOD 10,6
HD-A, ED-0, AOD 7.11, Italy






HD-A, ED-0, eyes clear DM-N/DM
LT JCH, LT, LV,RUS CH, 3JN, 2XBIG II4, CACx14, Nx10, BOB-4
HD-A/B, ED-0
Denmark  born
AOD 13,1!
BALTW'02, W2003- 2  
HD-B, ED-0, AOD 7.5 Denmark
LT,LV CH, LT Winner 2002, Baltic Winner 2002,
LV- Exp-20/98,
HD-A/B, ED-0, AOD 12.9!  Latvia
HD-A, ED-0, eyes clear
LT CH, 3x BOB, 6x CAC,
  AOD 4.8 (babesiosis)  Lithuania
HD-A, ED-0, AOD 6.3  Slovakia
HD-A, ED-0, AOD 9.9 Lithuania

 Litters father Lusion Be My Dream:




Our trip to Szczecin, Poland:




 2016.10.22 was born  litter ''R''   7 puppies ( 3 males / 4 females)

The life is full of surprises and I am sure that nothing is possible to plan. We were expecting the birth of puppies on the 25th October but they came to this world a few days earlier on the 22nd of October.
The first puppy was born on Saturday. Hilary had a calm delivery without a rush and on her own. After the 5th puppy she decided to have a rest. She was feeding her puppies and sleeping. We were sure that there is still one puppy left in the belly. Time was running and we started to get worry. It seemed that Hilary is not getting to deliver anymore so we decided to do an ultrasound check. On the way to the vet clinic the boy was born. We had to come back home to clean him. He received the yellow ribbon and the nick name "Audi" because he was born in one. The mummy was joyfully cleaning and feeding her babies and we thought it is the end of the delivery. In the evening we decided to go to the vet clinic and with the ultrasound we sow another alive puppy inside. It was a long and exhausting waiting. Hilary after the rest of 10,5 hours gave a birth to the last puppy on the 23th October.
I want to say a big thanks to the vet. Doctor Loreta Norkute for the big help, consultation, suggestions and looking after the Hilary and her puppies. We are very happy to have 7 beautiful puppies. The litter's puppy average weight is 460g. Mummy and puppies are feeling well.

Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo   x  Lusion Be My Dream (Poland)
N Puppy's name Sex Ribbon Weight Time Notes
1  Rhea Silvia female orange 510gr 9. 30  America
2  Rishiri Eden female pink 445gr 10.29  Switzerland
3  Roosevelt male bue 465gr 11.53  Lithuania
4  Ramesses male turquoise 440gr 12.07  Lithuania
5  Red Hot Chili Peppers female red 435gr 13.56  Switzerland
6  Rubens male yellow 460gr 17.04  America
7  Roshera female mint 460gr 3.30  Lithuania


First week: puppies are growing perfectly. The 5th fingers are removed already. All weight of puppies are very similar. The biggest one is 930g (yellow boy), the smallest is 780g (red girl). Mom Hilary has milk enough.


2 week: Puppies  opened eyes. They all have brown eyes. Puppies started to stand on the legs and walk in the box...


3 week:  this week was easier. Puppies are bigger. They do not want to be in the box more. Puppies started to eat porridge and drinking moms milk yet. We have available puppies...



 4 week: puppies are growing good. They eating porige and drinking mom's milk. More time they giving for play, run. 



 Today puppies are 1 months old. For birthday gift puppies got first shower, fan and photoshoot...


5 week: puppies started to grow faster. When is good weather they go to walk outside. They eating dry food and drinking moms milk. At this time we have so many guest, we need them for socalization. They have the best nanny and friend Austeja...

Oranžinė girl: has so nice body structure, marking, strong bones. She has sweet characetr, is calm girl. Girl is for dog show, breeding and home. 

Pink girl:  has excellent anatomy, marking, nice head, good temperament. She is active, brave.Her tail is moving every time. She is for breeding, home, cani teraphy...

 Blue boy: excellent body structure, big head, strong bones, beautiful dark marking. He has sweet character, is brave boy. He is for breeding and home.

Turquoise boy:   has nice body anatomy, top line, beautiful head, strong bones. Marking on the muzzle is non- simmetric. Boy is calm and jentle. He is for breeding, show and home.

Red girl: has nice body structure, beautiful head, good temperament. red girl has excellent character is active, brave. Female is for dog show, breeding and home.

Yellow boy:  has wonderful body, beautiful head, top line, nice marking. He is so calm, jentle boy. Boy is for dog show, breeding and home. 

 Mint girl: our "surprize'' is so sweet, calm, jentle girl. She has nice body, beautiful, wide head,strong bones. She is for breeding, home.


6 week: puppies are more active, brave. They know all room's coners, things, do not afrid voice from the kitchen and vacuum cleaner. They are happy to be outside. Like to meet a new peoples, children. We live near big, busy street. They do not afrid more voice big truks or motorcycles.  Puppies eating dry food already, drinking mum's milk and for desert they get carrots. We are waiting from LKD puppies pedigree. A few puppies are available for the show and pet home. If you are interested, please write to us.

Orange girl:

Pink girl :

Blue boy :

Turquoise boy:

Red girl:

Yellow boy:

Mint girl:


7 savaitė: puppies are big already.  They like to play, run,  bark. When is a good weather puppies spending time outside. We are waiting from club puppie's pedigree. Soon we will have visit to for the vaccination. 

Orange girl

Pink girl-available

Blue boy

Turquoise boy

Red girl-available 

Yellow boy-available

Mint girl


8 week: puppies have pedigree and names already. Next week they will be vacinated. This week we had exams. Puppy boy Roosevelt selected for cani therapy job. Next week before the Christmas puppies will be ready go to a new home...

Rhea Silvia Tai Brizo (orange girl)- reserved

Rishiri Eden Tai Brizo (pink female)-AVAILBLE for the home only

Roosevelt Tai Brizo (blue boy)- reserved

Ramesses Tai Brizo (turquoise boy)- reserved

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tai Brizo (red female)-AVAILABLE for show, breeding or home

Rubens Tai Brizo (yellow boy)- AVAILABLE for show, breeding or home

Roshera Tai Brizo (mint female)-reserved


''R'' litters puppies are 2 months old (9 week)Today we had visit to vet. clinic. Puppies was vacinated. Thanks to vet. doctor Agne Pocevičienė and Ligita Žutautaitė for operatyve work. Now puppies have europian passport, microchip are vacinated and are ready go to a new home. Two beautiful girls: Rishiri Eden (pink ribbon), Red Hot Chili Peppers (red ribbon) and handsome boy Rubens  are looking a new home.

Rhea Silvia Tai Brizo- reserved

Rishiri Eden Tai Brizo- AVAILABLE
Nice female, with excellent character looking  a new home

Roosevelt Tai Brizo- reserved

Ramesses Tai Brizo-reserved

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tai Brizo- available
Female has excellent anatomy,  nice head, dark brown eyes, excellent temperament, movement. Female is for dog show, breeding or for lovely home.
Rubens Tai Brizo- available
Handsome boy, with nice body, big head, strong bones, great movement, temperament. Rubens is for the dog show, breeing or for home.

Roshera Tai Brizo- reserved


Came time to say Goodbye for puppies. First left home Roosevelt. He will live in Klaipeda,Lithuania.  Roosevelts is waiting trainings. He will be cani teraphy dog. Good luck my handsome boy... 


Our ''surprise" girl Rosher went to live in Vilnius. I want to say thanks for Natalija and her mom for the wonderful presents for us and puppies.


 Before the Christmas went home Rameses. He will live in Taurage, Lithuania. Tomas fell in love to this breed six years ago. Christmas is miracle time. Berner sennenhund will play in his yeard now also.


10 weeks.  In our family came trouble. Before the holidays husband had heart  infarction and  him taked in the hospital. I met New Year 2017  with my dogs Hilary, Shanel and 4 puppies. Big girls wasn't happy fireworks, but puppies were indifferent. Pupppies are big already. When are good days they spend time outside. We have 2 puppies available yet.

 Rubens Tai Brizo (yellow ribbon)AVAILABLE
 Boy has nice body, big head, long coat, excellent teperament, character. He is jentle, like people, children. He can be very good cani teraphy, show dog
Red Hot Chili PeppersTai Brizo (red ribbon)-  AVAILABLE
Girl has good bones, nice head, body anatomy, excellent temperament, character. Girl is for show and breeding.


11 weeks: we have at home 4 puppies. Mom Hilary giving for pupies milk yet. Without mom's milk and dry food, puppies are eating carrots, apples, pumpkins... To us came cold winter. Outside is -15, but puppies like to play in the yeard. 

We have three available puppies yet. If you are interested, please contact with us.
Rubens Tai Brizo (yellow ribbon)-  AVAILABLE 
Boy has nice body, big head, long coat, excellent teperament, character. He is jentle, like people, children. He can be very good cani teraphy, show dog
Red Hot Chili Peppers Tai Brizo (red ribbon)-AVAILABLE
Girl has good bones, nice head, body anatomy, excellent temperament, character. Girl is for show and breeding.

Rishiri Eden Tai Brizo
(pink ribbon )- AVAILABLE
Girl is strong, has nice head , body and very sweet character. Het tail is every time happy... Rishiri is only for home and love.


12 week:  At home we have 4 puppies yet. Girl Rhea Silvia and boy Ruben are going to a new home in February only. They will live in America. This week was so nice. We had so many snow and was sunny, cold days. Puppies liked to play outside and was trying to eat all snow.  We have 2 available females yet. If you are interested, please contact with me by email or FB (Dalia Lupandina)

Rhea Silvia Tai Brizo go to live in America. She will live in kennel, where her waiting a few berner sennenhunds. She will stay with us till the end of February.
Red Hot Chili Peppers Tai Brizo-available
  Rishiri Eden Tai Brizo-available
Rubens Tai Brizo-available
13 week: The first days of week was so beautiful. We had snow, not big cold and sunny days. Week's end was terible. Here was rain and all yeard became a skating rink. Puppies are 3 months old and they was vacinated the last time (rabies vacine). We have 2 available nice females yet. We did videos how puppy run, stand...
Red Hot Chili Pepers Tai Brizo -  AVAILABLE
Very nice female  for dog show and breeding or home. She has excellent body anatomy, beautiful big head, dark brown eyes, top line, good tail's position, nice ungles, wide chest, good bones, wonderful temperament and movement.
Rishiri Eden Tai Brizo- AVAILABLE
Beautiful female  with nice body, ungles, big head, dark brown eyes, excellent teperament , movement. She is for the home only, because has high tail's position.
Rubens Tai Brizo- this week a new home found our handsome boy Rubens. He will lives in America. Together with Rhea Silvia his wait long 8 h fly to a new home.


14 savaitė:   all puppies found a new home. Girls Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rishiri Eden go to live in Switzerland. All 4 puppies waiting for the end of the quarantine after a rabies vaccination and will be send to a new home.


23 February left home Rubens and Rhea. They fly to America. Will live close to each other. Good luck my  babies... I wish you long and happy life with new family. 


Tomorow 25 February leave a home last two puppies Rishiri and Chili. Me and girls wait long trip with car to Switzerland. Home will be empy again. Puppies, be happy with new family. I will wait from you news, photos....


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