bernese mountain dogs litter 'O'
In our kennel we are expecting the planned Bernese Mountain Dog litter. The future mom is BLUEBERRY HILL TAI BRIZO (Beri). Her parentsare our breeding female Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo and dad Bernljungens Flax BlackJack from Sweden. Beri was born on the 21st of December in 2015. No dysplasia, HD-A, ED-0, eyes are clean, OCD free, DNA profile and genetic testing for DM (degenerative myelopathy) were done. DM exon1-N/N, exon2-N/DM. Her height is 62 cm, weight is 47kg. She is well built with a good character, temperament, moves beautifully. This is her second litter. You can see more photos of her on our home page Beri's 'Photos'.
The puppies dad is Hungarian Junior Champion MAGLOD - FALVI ENERGY BOMB JN. (Lokis). The male was born on the 17th of September in 2016 in the litter of nine puppies (eight boys and one girl). The kennel ''Maglod Falvi'' is in Hungary, the breeder Krisztina Remenyi. Male's dad is Quentin-Tarantino Von de Wildenhayn from Germany, mother is Xena The Varior Princess Av Triamar from Norway. The male had done a genetic DNA profile. He's healthy, dysplasia free, HD-A, ED-0, eyes are clean. Degenerative myelopathy DM exon1-N/N, exon2-N/N. The male lives in the kennel 'Mano Gama' in Lithuania. The owner is Ina Kaminskienė. This beauty's height is 66cm and weight is 55kg. The bear is very bony, perfectly anatomically composed, has a long wavy and very beautiful fur, correct position of the tail, beautiful head, dark, brown eyes, light and beautiful movements, fantastic temperament. He is friendly with people, children and other dogs. Bear came to Lithuania when he was a teenager. He adapted to new home, rules, environment and people very quickly. Thank you Ina Kaminskienė for the opportunity to use this male for breeding, excellent mating conditions and hospitality. An echoscope examination showed that Beri is really pregnant. Beri feels good, has a good appetite and belly is getting bigger. The hardest days are to come. Hopefully, the birth will be quick and successful. The duedate is in the first half of August. 

 HUN JCH Maglod Falvi Energy Bomb JN. 
HD-A, ED-0, OCD -free, eyes clear
DM exon1-N/N, exon2- N/N, DNR profile

Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo
HD-A, ED-0, OCD- free, eyes clear
DM- exon1-N/N, exon2- N/DM, DNR profile



Litters mother Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo:



Litters father Maglod-Falvi Energy Bomb JN.



Litters relatives: grandparents, grandgradparents 






''O'' litter

2019.08.08 were born (1 male & 2 females)



In the afternoon of the 7th of August Berry started to be anxious. The next day was also a waiting for all of us. In the evening our granddaughter came to visit us. Berry joyfully rushed to meet the guests and her water broken at the same moment. We knew we will see the first puppy very soon. The heavy rain started outside the window, a thunder and lightning struck the sky. The labor began.
We got a great threesome, one boy and two girls. We gave a green ribbon meaning of life to the boy. Boy's weight - 530 g, pink girl's - 585 g and mint girl's - 450 g. The mini girl is the smallest and agile puppy in the litter. She is always the first to check all mom's nipples and choose the most milky one. Mommy and puppies feel good. Berry has enough milk, puppies eat, sleep and grow. The weight of the third day: green boy - 710 g, pink girl - 715 g, mint girl - 600 g.
Thanks to the Veterinary Clinic "Faunaveta" for the Barry's care, consultation and to the doctor L. Norkute for the help during the labor.
At pictures puppies are 2 days old.



1st week. .  Mom Blueberry  feel good. Puppies are groing. Males weight is 1,275kg, pink girls - 1,140kg,  mint females - 1,015kg.





2 th week

Puppies are biger and stronge. Males weight- 2,125kg, pink girl- 1,820kg, mint female- 1.670kg.  Babies opened eyes. They all have brown eyes.






 3th week

Puppies are growing excellent. Boys weight-3,035kg, pink females-2,670kg, mint girls-2,545kg. The eyes became biger, more clear. We checked  eyes color again. All puppies have brown eyes. First time they had medicine from parasites. In Lithuania we have so hot days now, more +30C. Puppies are going outside late in the evening only. Day time they sit in the room before air fan. They eating moms milk yet, soon we will start to give poridge.





4th week.

Puppies changed. They have longer coat and teeths already. Puppies walk in the rooms and outside. They accustom with new sounds, things, territory, people, children. Puppies eat poridge, drink moms milk, water. We had guests. Loki's owner came to visit puppies.





1 months

Puppies are 1months old already. They are biger, braver more active.






5th week

Puppies are growing. They still eating poridge from dry food, drink moms milk and water. They are active, play, bark, run. Puppies have names already.


Male  Oscar Tai Brizo - available:   Boy has good body anatomy, big, nice head, dark brown eyes, good tail position, big bones, long baby coat, calm character. His weight now is 5,605 kg. He is very hanndsome boy for the show and breeding.




Female Oprah Tai Brizo - available  girl has very nice, big head, good body strukture, perfect tail position, dark brown eyes, long baby coat. She is active puppy. Her weight- 4,560kg. Oprah is good for dog show, breeding or for home.





Female Odysseia Tai Brizo- reserved. Excellent body structure, very nice head, good tail position, dark brown eyes, long baby coat and sweet character.




6th week

Puppies teeths are big and sharp. They started to eat dry food, drink wather and moms milk. Every day we go outside. We have special carriage, who helps to take puppies in the park. Every day a new place, people, children help socialize puppies. We have available nice male and female, Both puppies are for the show, breeding or can be family dog. Oscar weight is now 6.815kg, Odysseia- 5,745kg, Oprah- 5.595kg. 


Oscar - reserved



Oprah - available for the show, breeding or can be family dog



Odysseia-  reserved





7th week

Puppies are much bigger, stronger, bolder. Female Oprah is availavle yet. If you are interest, contact with us.


OPRAH TAI BRIZO- available


OSCAR TAI BRIZO - reserved






8th week

Puppies got medivaments from parasites and they wait vaccination. They eating dry food and drink moms milk. They like tobe outside, play, run. We have one beautiful female Oprah available yet. 



Female Oprah Tai Brizo -AVAILABLE


Girl has very lovely charakter, like people, children. She is active puppy, has good temperament. Her body structure, tail position is correct. Girl has dark brown eyes, long coat. Her weight is 8kg. Puppy is for dog show and breeding or can be your family dog only.






2 months

Litter got pedigree. Puppies  vaccinated, have microchip. All puppies found a good home. Soon they will leave home.








Goodbye time. Puppies, good luck with new family.






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