Puppies are ready to leave a homeland...

Puppies are 2 months old. They have microchip, pedigree, euro vet. passport and vaccinate by age. After few days after quarantine they are ready go to a new home. One, very nice female Pandora Legend (red ribbon) looking a new family. More info read in page "we have puppies"


We had guests from Sweden

This hot weekend we had guest from Sweden. To visit us came my friend Tina Andersson with Anneli Jonsson. They wonted to see how is growing and looking puppies. Tina at home has my girl from "F" litter Feba Queen Of My Heart. She so wanted to see how is looking Feba's mom Hilary and grandmom Shanel. With guest we were to swim, visited kennel "Alpių Slėnis" and in the evening we had barbeque, wine and Lithuanian beer. Two days passed very quickly. Sunday girls went to the home but they promised here come back again and again. Thank you my friends, for the wonderful time together, present and good emotions.

First puppies shower...

Today puppies had shower, fan. First time they tried stand like in the ring. All "P" babies new photos are in the page "We have puppies"

"P" litters puppies are one months old

"P"litters puppies are 1 months old. They are growing excellent. Puppies have names already. More info about litter read in page "we have puppies"

Feba's first dog show in junior class
Wonderful new from dog show Burlöv, Sweden. Feba is 9 months old and today she first time was in junior class. From 7 females Feba Queen Of My Heart Tai Brizo- Very Promising 1, Junior Winner and Second best female in competition class !
Judges words about Feba: 9 month feminin bitch, perfect size and body, beautiful head and expression, nice dry tight lips, excellent neck and neck setting, excellent chest, suitble bone, moves from side and back very well, a little loose in front, beautiful coat, very nice temperament, well presented.
Thanks judge Lotta Carping (Sweden) for excellent judgement. We are so happy. Big  congratulations for owner Petrina Andersson. You are the best!!!


Shanel has puppies...

 2015.05.27 was born in kennel a new litter. Shanel has 5 puppies (1 boy and 4 girls). Mom and puppies feel good. More info about litter read in page "we have puppies"


Great day at dog show Landskrone
2015.05.08 was dog show in Landskrona, judge Marcus Gisslen (Sweden). In puppy class Feba Queen Of My Heart Tai Brizo- Very promising 1, BOB !!! Febas judgement: 8,5 month old nice female, beautiful head and expression, correct, nice bite, very good neck, long, nice, deep chest, perfect shoulders, still little puppy in body yet but for age very well developed, moves very well, excellent coat and color, perfect markings, very nice temperament and character, very well presented. 
Congratulations to owner Tina Anderson and my sweety Feba. Thanks for the good grooming and nice hendlers job in the ring. We are so proud of you!
We received gift from Denver

We received gift from Pamela Burgess. Book "HAPPY TAILS" about my girl's Milady De Winter Tai Brizo life 1st year. Her paw print, last puppy hair. Photos about first months in Lithuania, her sisters and brothers, parents, relatives. Milady's first vaccines, trip to America, first meet with new human mommy Pamela and her family. About puppy class, first snow, new friends and that she successfully passed the AKC CC test and has been awarded the AKC Community Canine Title by the American Kennel Club. Pamela, thank you so much for the gift, love and wonderful care about my baby. Milady is happy with you and this is the best gift for me !!!



Feba again won!

Feba again was in the dog show 2015.05.02 in Bjuv, judge Karin Sjöholm-Östlund (Sweden). Feba Queen Of My Heart Tai Brizo- Very promising 1, BOB !!! She got excellent description: 8.5 month old feminin female, lovely head and size, well carrying ears, muscle, excellent neck, good topline/ overline, very well carrying tail, chest nice, need more deep will come by age, wide nice thighs with nice muscles, moves very well, wonderful excellent coat, wonderful excellent cross, lovely temperament very social. Congratulations to owner Tina Anderson and sweety Feba!!!

Shanel is pregnant!!!

We had great new. Our female Shanel Cesar Brizo is pregnant !!! Puppies father amazing male Henri van't Stokerybos. Shanel feeling good , has good appetite. More info about puppie's father , trip to Poland read in page "planned litters"


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