Three Dog shows in Druskininkai
Three days were National Dog Show in Druskininkai. 2013.08.02 "Dzūkijo vasara 2013" in champion class was our boy Shardo. Judge Zaur Agabeyli from Arerbaijan gave to Shardonnet Cesar Brizo  EXCELLENT 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!
2013.08.03   "Druskininkų Mero Taurė 2013", teisėjavo Tibor Havelka iš Slovėnijos. Čempionų klasėje Shardonnet Cesar Brizo- EXCELLENT 1, CAC, RCACIB
2013.08.04  V SWISS MOUNTAIN DOGS CLUB SHOW  judge Aniko Anikó Istvánné Juhász from Hungary (74 zenenhund ) -Shardonnet- EXCELLENT 2  We are so happy, congratulations to owners Jovita and Erikas.

Austėja 3 years old already...

Austėja celebrates her 3rd birthday!
Today in our family we have a big event. Our little Austėja is celebrating her 3rd birthday. She grew up surrounded by wonderful nannies Berner Zennenhunds: Gabana, Shanel and Hilary. Her first word was “au au” and now she perfectly recognises which is Shanel and which is Hilary and clearly pronounces their names. Although Berner Zennenhunds are big and massive dogs, they are very gentle and know how to play carefuly with a child. If Austėja has any food in her hands, Hilary and Shanel always get some of it. If Austėja doesn’t share dogs anyway try to get some pressing her to the wall and carefuly taking goods from her hands. I am glad to bread Berner Zennenhunds without any fair leaving them with my granddaughter to play, share toys and sweets. These dogs are full of kindness, tenderness, care and love for everyone who surrounds them. I truly believe that my granddaughter, growing up with dogs,will become a good person.

Happy birthday my little Angel! I love you so much!!!

berno zenenhundai Hilary, Shanel su  Austėja


anūkėlė Austėja anūkėlė Austėja 
 anūkėlė Austėja  anūkėlė Austėja
Hilary learned how to swim!

Once again I made sure that berner zennenhunds are very cleaver, careful, have a fair and realistically assess their strength. Last summer Hilary bravely was going after me in the water and was trying to swim. Her back legs were touching the bottom and with her front legs she was “properly” swimming. Once I rushed to swim to the shore letting Hilary to catch me up. Unfortunately just later I realised that I made a huge mistake. My girl touched the shore terrified, tired and she was scared to go with me in the water again. My hope to teach Hilary how to swim was lost.
This summer I started from the beginning. Knowing that my girl protects me a lot she started to go with me in the water again. Half walking she was “swimming” forwards to me and with her front legs was trying to climb on me asking a break and come back together to the shore.  To turn her around and teach properly to swim 40kg dog is not so easy. My all body was full of bruises! By holding her tail, belly and letting her know that I will never leave her alone we were learning how to swim.. and finally she believed in me and her strenght. The panic and fair disappeared and my Hilary bravely jumped into the deap water to take her toy. We were ready to jump after her to rescue but she proudly swam fully under the water with a toy in her teath to the shore. I am very glad that my both girls are swimming as this is the best sport for the massive dogs!


The first Divine Discovery victory in the dog show

2013.07.21 was National dog show in Ukmergė, judge Igoris Zizevskis (Lithuania). First time in the puppy class was our girl from "D" litter  Divine Discovery Tai Brizo (Bacardi).  Divine Discovery Tai Brizo - Very Promising 1  Congratulations to owner Dalia Gibavičienė. We wish you in the future many nice victories!!!


Hamilton has a healthy hips and elbows

We got excellent new from Finland. Our male from litter's "H" (Keep In Touch della Torre d'Ovarda x Shanel Cesar Brizo) Hamilton had hips and elbows test. Hamilton Star Tai Brizo (Rico)- HD A/A, ED-0/0   Rico got the breeding's certificate. Congratulations to Anne Maninnen with a wonderful results...

Happy Birthday dear father and grandfather Cezar!!!

Shanel's father and  Hilary's grandfather CESAR SURPRISES KENSEN today  celebrate 10 th Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday, Cezar, we wish you many happy healthy years!!!



Shardo took part at dog show in Sweeden

13/14 July was dog show in Tvaaker (Sweeden). In the dog show were 82 bernese mountain dogs. The first time here in the champion class was our male Shardo. The both days Shardonnet Cesar Brizo got EXCELLENT 2. Thanks to Jovita and Erikas Piskunovai for excellent Shardo's showing in the ring, nice grooming and photos.

Honey was in the dog show...

Honey 2013 July 13/14 was in the dog show Tuloksia Oulusta (Finland)  First day junge was from Switzerland  Clerc Elsbeth, secend day Long Doyle Ann from Ireland.  Honey Moon Tai Brizo got Very Good 1 , and next day - Very Good 2.  Congratulations to owner Miia and Honey.


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