The puppies already are one week old...

 Today puppies are already one week old. The mom Shanel has so many milk yet, and puppies are growing so good. They started respond to the sounds, after few days will open the eyes.




Our Merry Christmas with a big group of Bernese mountain dogs

This year our Christmas is very full in our house! We have eight “singing” bernese mountain puppies, which have already 6 days today! Shanel is very caring mother. She could stay with her puppies without eating and drinking all day. We allowed to Hilary to meet her new sisters and brothers. With a curiosity she smelled each of them and taped with her nose. For now it seams to her the new live “toys”. We organised the first puppies’ foto sesion. The pictures you can find in the link "We have puppies"

violet boy kennel Brizo



In kennel " Brizo" was born a PUPPIES!!!

Today 19 December in our kennel was born a beautiful 3-th bernese mountain dogs litter. We have 8 puppies ( 3 males and 5 females). Mom Shanel Cesar Brizo and puppies feel good. More informacion about litter you can find in page "We have Puppies"

Shanel will be a mom again!!!

Now I really now that Christmas is the time of miracles!!! In october me with my girl Shanel went to visit wonderful male in Hungary. About this travel we didn't say to anyone, because firstly we wanted to be sure that Shanel is really pregnant. 4 weeks later we did the ultasound. The vet. doctor said the bad news - Shanel is "empty"... After few weeks more and more we had doubts about it and Shanel's behavior and eyes were saying: "mum, please do the ultrasound again, I will be the mummy for sure!" And today, on the 29th of November we did the second ultrasound and the miracle happened! Shanel was right.. She will be the mummy again!!! Can't describe the joy and emotions we all hade.. The Christmas - moment of miracles!
The future puppy's father is wonderful Sennenland's Chance To Win !!! More info about litter read in page PLANNED LITTERS

We have celebrated Hilary's O'Hara first Birthday!

We have celebrated the first birthday of our bern zenenhund Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo! For this ocation I made the special 4 kg weight chicken and turkey pie decorated with carots and apples. In the middle of pie from red beet was standing number one! My girls Shanel and Hilary were ready for the party and we had guests from the kennel "Alpių Slėnis": owners Andrina and Irina with their pet Algrand Berni Vashington ( Vania). Hilary’s and Vania’s age difference just 2 days, so our birthday party was double! Our pets were tasting home made eco pie, were playing with new toys and we were tasting national lithuanian cepelinas and delicious hungarian wine.

Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo pirmasis gimtadienis      

 berno zenenhundai švenčia gimtadienį


Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo gimtadienio tortas Skanus  gimtadienio tortas
zenenhundai vaisinasi tortu Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo gimtadienis


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