Honey Moon Tai Brizo Victory!
 2012.08.05 Honey Moon the last time was in the puppy ring. Judge- Janeiro Salvador Francinsco. 
Honey Moon Tai Brizo- V. Promising, BOB.
Thank you to  Miiai Martikainen ir Heidi Kontkanen for the care and photos.

A good new from Finland
We got a good new from Finland. Honey 2012.08.03 was in the dog show (puppy class), judge Friday Kostopoulos George 
Honey Moon Tai Brizo- Very Promising 1!
 Thanks to handler Miia Martikainen. Good luck to you  in the future!!!
Honey Moon Tai Brizo lives in Finland

Our girl from litter's "H" Honey Moon Tai Brizo lives in Finland.. She growing nice. Now her height is 65cm, weight 45kg.. She is a big, nice young girl and is very similar to mom Shanel. In august she will go to dog show. Good luck, Honey... We love you... Thanks Miia and Heidi for photos.

Happy Birthday, dear father Cesar Surprises Kensen!
Today Shanel's father and Hilary's grandfather celebrate his a 9th years Birthday. This handsome boy lives in Lithuania kennel "Alpiu Slenis". Cezar in his age is very healthy and strong boy. 
Hilary O'Hara already is 8 months old...

Today our "H" litters puppies already are 8 months old. They yet still growing.This is the last month, when they are in puppy class. Hilary growing nice. She has a new so black, long coat. We so many walk and every day go to swim. She has excellent character. Everybody for her is a friend. I never had dog, who had so good appetite. Hilary eat dry food Pro Plan, but every day she liks eat: cucumbers, tomatos, carrots, salads,onion... all vegetables, fruits and berries.


keep In Touch della Torre d'Ovarda- DM- N/N (free)!!!!!
 Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a progressive disease of the spinal cord in older dogs.  It begins with a loss of coordination (ataxia) in the hind limbs. The affected dog will wobble when walking, knuckle over or drag the feet. This can first occur in one hind limb and then affect the other. As the disease progresses, the limbs become weak and the dog begins to buckle and has difficulty standing. Late  progressive paralysis.
From kennel 'Kraina Zeusa came a good new. In Germany Laboklin labaratory for TACZI  was made DM (degenerative myelopathy) test.

 KEEP IN TOUCH della Torre D'Ovarda-  DM- N/N !!!!! (free) 

Congratulations to breeder and owners Olga and Artur. We are so happy and proud, that our "H" litter's father Taczi is healthy stud dog.


Shardonnet Cesar Brizo- Russian and RKF Champion!!!
Good new!!!! 2012.06.9 in Kaliningrad Russia CACIB dog show (champion class) our kid male Shardo (judge S.Slukin Ukraina)
Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 4 !

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