Shardonnet Cesar Brizo- Estonian Champion !!!
 Talinn (Estonia) 2012.03.03 champion class Shardonnet Cesar Brizo- EXCELLENT 1 2012.03.04 champion class Shardonnet Cesar Brizo- EXCELLENT 1, CAC, Best male, BOB
Shardonnet became ESTONIAN CHAMPION !!!
The first meeting with Algrand Berni Vashington
The kennel "Alpių Slėnis" has a new bernese mountain dog very beautiful male Algrand Berni Vashington from Russia. Today we visited this kennel, where happened the first Hilary O'Hara and Vashington meeting. Puppies’ age difference is just 2 days. Although outside was pretty cold, little friends had a lot of fun playing with a snow.
Tempted by the worm sun rains, spring breeze, birds songs we with little friends Hilary O'Hara and Vashington went to the Baltic sea. Puppies as little children were digging the sand and tasting it. Both bravely went in the water and Hilary even swam!

Hilary O'Hara stays in our kennel.


All Shanel's puppies have already found their new homes. One puppy from this litter is staying to live with us. It's the Pink girl Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo. The puppy girl is very good character, brave, nice and friendly with all surrounding. She is already learning how to stand correctly in the ring and show her teeth. We hope she will grow up very nice and promising bernese mountain dog. In spring we are planning to show in the ring...


Hilary O'Hara doesn't afraid the cold.


Finally the real winter has come! Outside is -20°C and february's blizzard. However this weather for bernese mountain dogs are just a piece of cake.. With Shanel we are going for a long walk in the fields full of snow. With little Hilary O'hara so far we are walking just outside near the house. She is still too little for long walkings together with her mummy.


Happy Birthday, " S" litter's puppies !!!

 Happy Birthday my "S" litter's puppies !!!
Happy Birthday my sweet girl Shanel..Thank you for the beautiful 10 puppies, for Hilary O'Hara, for your love to me... I am so proud and happy that I have you ...

Puppies got LKD/FCI pedigree.

Today is a big day! We finally got LKD/FCI pedigree. All puppies are vaccinated and with mikrochips.Theyr already have EUhealthy pasport,with wich puppies can go in any other country.We call puppies with name,which start from the litter "H".



BRIZO puppies are leaving their home...

The time is running very fast.puppies are already 2 months old today. All of them are vaccinated by their age, have microchip and EU healthy pasport. It's time to say goodbye to my beloves little ones. All puppies already found their new owners and one by one are leaving my home. Some of them are stayng in Lithuania, the other are going to Finland, Russia, Norway.Goodbye my little bears.I wish you to keep growing healthy, beautiful and to be full and happy in your new sweet home ...

Brizo puppies already 7 weeks...

Shanel's babies are already 7 weeks. Their weight is perfect- majority is 7kg. They eat dry food and drink water. For the desert they get dried bovine's stomachs. Puppies are active; playing, fighting,running and barking. Each of them trying to prove which are stronger and smarter. We are waiting from klub  pedigrees and when we are planing  to announce the name of the puppies. Step by step my little bears find they new sweet home...



The puppies already are 1 months old...

One month has pased...On our first month birthday come Andrina and Irina- the owners kennel "Alpiu Slenis".We are big and independent already! We eat a lot, still drink mummy's milk,sleep and growing up fast. For the mini birthday we had a photoshoot and for the first time we tried to stand up as in the ring. All pictures of this big day you can find in the page " Litters"


Puppies got the an incredible present

It has past 4 weeks already as puppies came to this world.. Soon it will be one month! Every time we are eating porridge with mummy's milk, but also we already know how to drink the water.

We are growing up and improve ourselfs every day: barking, growling, biting and playing.. When somebody is coming to our room, immediately run and ask to be taken in arms..

We got an incredible present from our friends Povilas and Tatjana Mažeikis. It's hand made kitchen unit with colourful bowls for puppies... Now they can eat separately from each other, don't steal other's food and don't climb on each other. Thank you my dears for such a wonderful present! Now in our kitchen is always clean.

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