European dog show in Slovenia...

EUROPEAN DOG SHOW 2010 in Slovenija Celje judge Svend Lovenkjaer(Denmark) in intermediate male class our childe Shardonnet Cesar Brizo got " VERY GOOD" Congratulations owners Jovita and Erikas.

Shanel has results of a dysplasia

We have a good news! In the Jakovo vet clinic in Vilnius it was made a hips’ and elbows’ dysplasia test to our girl Shanel. We have the perfect results| Shanel Cezar Brizo is totally “clean”, as well as her parents: HD-A, ED-0.


The Brizo lake rescues us from the summer heat

We will remember this summer for a long time. The 40° heat exhausted not only people but also our pets. The only place, where we could recuperate, was the lake in our farmstead, which we named our kennel name “Brizo”.


After work day our friends with their pets joined us with a pleasure. It was Darius with Valerija and their dog Sheridan, Andrina with Skarlet, Cezar, Mečta, Kardinal, Loreta with Milford, Irina with Madona, Diana with Kira, Ttjana with Pavel and their Armando. This summer Shanel learned еo swim and dive! She picked up everything she could find under the water. Gabana doesn’t like to swim, so she walks along the coast for hours and pick up stones from the bottom of the lake. The Shanel’s brother Sheridan has learned to swim as well!

The swimming helps to strengthen dog’s joints, muscles and widen a chest. With a hot summer memories we are hurry to meet the cooler autumn…

In our family we have the first granddaughter!

In the Tiger’s year, with the Lion horoscope, tonight on the 2nd of August, at 00:50 our first granddaughter Austėja has born! Sweetie, may angels be near you all the time!


Shardonnet Cesar Brizo victory in Estonia ...
2010.07.10 CAC dog show Rapina, Estonia (judge Bo Skalin,Finland)
Shardonnet Cesar Brizo - EXCELLENT 1, EST J CAC, Best Junior, Best Male 1, BOB!!! Shardo become the Estonian Junior Champion !!!
 2010.07.11 Shardonnet was in dog show  Tartu (Estonia) judge Ann Cuthbert ,Ireland
Shardonnet Cesar Brizo excellent 1, EST J CAC, Best Junior, Best Male 1, BOB!!! Congratulations to owners Jovita and Erikas. 
CAC dog show in Kaunas

In CAC dog show  Kaunas Lithuania Shardonnet Cesar Brizo won his first  LT CAC. Congratulations to Jovita & Erikas! 

CACIB Ozielniki Latvia

Our kid Shardonnet Cesar Brizo successfully represented in CACIB dog show Ozielniki Latvia. Judge Augustin Ionescu (Romania).  Shardo- LV J CAC, Best Male 1, BOO !

Sardonnet Cesar Brizo - Latvian Junior Champion


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