Happy 1st birthday, Puppies!!!

Puppies, you grow up into big bears, weigh more than 40 kg! Be happy, intelligent, healthy, beautiful, wonderful and gentle. I wish you all high achievements and victories! Thank owners for the big love and care for my babies-puppies.

A big kiss to everyone! Tonight your mommy Gabana and sister Shanel will blow a candle on the dog’s cake and I will set up the glass of champagne.

There is a present for you – I kept your first colourful ribbons, which were tied to you wehn you born. Love you all! You are wonderful! 

Visiting Shanet Cesar Brizo

  Coming back home from the dog show in Vilnius, we had an incredible idea to visit Shanet Cesar Brizo, which lives in Šiauliai. With a joke we decided that the „shortest“ way back to Klaipėda is through Šiauliai – we turned our road to Inga and Irmantas. There we were met with a joy! Our company set up glasses of champagne for our victories, had a chat about our growing amazing dogs, shared impressions of the dog show and when the Sun set down we went back home.



A trip to the Baltic sea...

Until the summer season is not published, we often meet our friends at the Baltic Sea. Although the water is still cold in this season – our dogs are playing in the water with a joy! It is a pleasure to walk in the dunes, beach, coast or in the smelling pine forest.



The bernese lovers meeting in the Čarlis farmstead...

Every year we are organizing annual meeting of Lithuania’s Bernese Mountain dog lovers. This is the second time as this convention takes place in the Indre’s farmstead in the Raseiniai district, Putriai village. The first meeting was held in 2007 summer. That time the host was Indre’s beloved Bernese mountain dog Čarlis Sapnų Šalis. To his honor and memory this farmstead is called “Čarlis house” till nowadays. All our nice company with a good mood, dressed with colorful ribbons had started our journey to this annual meeting. Our company was big: Darius with Valerija, Gintarė, Emilija with Vyras, Diana, Irina with Vidmantas, my family and of course our beloved dogs Sheridan, Shanel, Gabana, Nirvana, Bachus and Madonna.


In the meeting came a lot of Bernese mountain dog’s lovers and their pets. Our day had started with a camp organization, a cold beer and funny games, which were going for all two days! A huge campfire, music, dances, guitar and good mood didn’t let to sleep neither for people, nor for our dogs! It was the first time as we used the Bernese Mountain dog’s anthem. Thanks to Edita for a brilliant words of it. Even it was raining a little in the next day, nobody wanted to go home.
The kennel “Brizo” wants to say one more time a big THANK YOU to Indre Gustaitė and her parents for a wonderful event, good organization and a warm nice welcome!Goodbye “Čarlio house“ and see you on the next year! We promise to come again...















The bernese mountain dogs meeting at the Brizo lake


The summer was running and we decided to organize our mini Klaipėda‘s Bernese mountain dog lovers meeting. However the smell of grill, nice nature and warm water in the lake had attracted our friends from Vilnius and Kaunas: Gražina with Tomas and their dogs Fandango and Iliša, Edita with Andrius with their beauty Bazuka, Indre with beloved pets Kaprizas and Džudi.

We were many and it was hard to fit in the camera’s lens. This place was a real paradise to our lovely dogs! Swimming in the lake, running in the wide fields and forest had exhausted them. In the late evening, after delicious dinner, nice rest with a good mood we dispersed to our home, because early in the morning all of us had a dog show in Rusnė.



The Shelton visit

Last week we had guests from Jonava! Shelton came to visit his mother Gabana and sister Shanel for a whole week. The dog’s socialization was the goal of this visit. During that week Shelton was visiting his father Cezar in the kennel “Alpių slėnis“, friend Irina in the kennel „Anak Krakatau“, also Sheltons Brother Sheridan in the Darius and Valerija family.

  Each day was full of excitement, long walks in the fields, trips to farmstead, swimming in the lake, meetings with other kennel’s dogs and their owners. I believe this visit has certainly justified its goals and Renata, the owner of Shelton, could prove it.





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