We have the first litter!!!!!


Gabana Bohemijos Žibutė and Cesar Surprises Kensen on the 2009 cold day of January 30th had wonderful 12 puppies litter. Born 9 boys and 3 girls. Mommy Gabana feels good. Father Cesar is proud of his large family.

Thanks to kennel’s "Alpių Slėnis" owner Andrina for endless help and care of taking the birth of our puppies.

About the litter “S” you can find more information          S vada>>>



"S" puppies are going to the new home...

The first puppy who has left our home was Shanet Cesar Brizo on the 14th March. Early in the morning, going to the dog show in Vilnius we stopped on the way in Kryžkalnis and gave her Inga and Irmantas from Šiauliai. We were so hurry up that we even forgot to take a picture of Shanet with her new owners. The puppy-girl will participate to the dog show. Shanet, we wish you to grow up healthy, nice and become the Champion of Lithuania.

On the 22nd March came Renata with Vaidas and took our beloved wonderful Shelton. He will live in Jonava. In this family there are already one mountain dog Nida and two pecines dogs. Shelton Cesar Brizo is planning to appear in the dog shows. Good luck our lovely puppy…

Early in the morning on the 28th March, Darius and Valerija came to take the happy Sheridan. The same day Sheilla with her new family went to Kaunas. In the evening we had guests Audronė with her family and they went back home with a new pet Shtomberg.


On Saturday from Anyksčiai Tadas with Diana came and chose Shanghai. After having a pleasant visit in Klaipėda, the Sea museum with dolphins they went back home on Sunday. Shanghai from the first sight accept the new master Tadas and felt asleep under his feet.

Later Igoris and Ilona with a huge love and care took their Shakespeare and went back to Vilnius. The same day Paulius with his father came to take Shopen to Kaunas.

Shardonett with new friends Erikas and Jovita went to Vilniuas. We shoul see them often in the dog shows.

 Shantrell with Kristina are living in Kaunas. With a new owner request Shantrell was examined by two other vets in Kaunas clinics. After receiving and excellent evaluation based on health, walking, socialization ecc., we took some pictures for a memory and went away to a new home. They will be living on the same street with Caprice Duok Labas.







We have guests Indre with Kaprizas

On the way back from Nida for a short visit came Indrė with her sister and their bear Caprice of Hearts Duok Labas.


The Sheridan's visit

 To visit mommy Gabana and sister Shanel came broche Sheridan. It was such a pleasant visit and funny to play.



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