Came beautiful summer


Came beautiful summer. Berry has big coat and for her is too hot. She very like to swim. Blueberry became a very nice female. Her weight is 46kg. Love her so much.


Spring without mom and grandmother


Beautiful Spring. We have only one dog in kennel Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo. Monotonous is life without mom Hilary, grandmothers Shanel.




''S''litters 11 Birthday

Today ''S'' litters puppies celebrate 11 birthday. From 12 puppies is alive only Shantrell Cesar Brizo (Barni). Barni, HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY! We wish you health and many nice, long years with your family. Congratulations for this litters angels, who are in the rainbow meadows. My dear Shanel, I Love you and miss so much.



We said goodbye for Shanel

11 years together. I know these are beautiful years, but it doesn't comfort us. I wish they would live longer. These eleven years passed like one day... Remain only big pain, memories and photos. I remember you little 505 g with the red ribbon on the neck and sleeping in my palms. You remain the same: beautiful, calm, obedient, loyal, smart, loving people and children. You were my guard, always nearby me in the forest, meadow, when we went to fishing or at home. You understood me from one look, one word, one gesture. You were my mermaid big swimmer. You tought to swim your daughter Hilary and grandaughter Blueberry. Your favorit activity was to go to fishing and swimming. Thank you for all these amazing years together, for giving us beautiful puppies and unconditional love. We all hoped you would live long after the operation but we were wrong. We wondered why you continue losing energy and apparently you had much bigger health problems than we thought. Shanel, sorry that we couldn't help you more. We had to let you go to the rainbow land. Now you can run painless in the rainbow field together with your mom Gabana, daughter Hilary and your friends. We all miss you so much. You will always remain in our memories and hearts. It is difficult to speak, write, see pictures. Tears, pressure in the throat and heartbreak.

Goodbye 2019...


We wish to all Happy New Year 2020!



We say goodbye to the old 2019 year. All family reuned to celebrate holidays. This year was not easy for our kennel. In spring we suddenly lost Hilary. Vets found a bleeding tumor and they immediately did an operation. Unfortunately we could't help her anymore. She died during the operation. After this lost we found a comfort in Blueberry's puppies. In august she delivered three beautiful puppies which immediatelly found new wonderful home. After that Blueberry cut her pown hard and we had to stitch it. She recovered after more than one month only. Our oldest Shanel started to loos her strenght. On the 30th of January we will celebrate her 11th birthday. After many analyzis she was diagnosed with the tumour in the spleen and ovary. On the 17th of December the operation was done successfully. She is recovering slowly and trying to get her strenght and enegy back. We wish she would live with us longer. We hope that next year will be better for us. We sincerely wish you happy and successful New 2020 Year. May all your pets never be sick and live long.


Merry Christmas



Happy 7th Birthday

My dear ''D'' litters dogs Maggie, Baxter, Bentley, Dante Happy 7th Birthday. Wish you to be healthy, happy and have long, long life... Hugs and kisses from homeland.

Shanel's surgery

My oldest girl Shanel Cesar Brizo, who next month will be 11years, 17 December had surgery. Was big risk to do surgery at this age, but we did… Doctor deleted spleen with tumors and uterus, because were ovarian cyst and tumor. Shanels blood donor was her granddaughter Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo. Yesterday we spent in the hospital 9 hours and Shanel by her legs came to home… Now her waiting long rehabilitation time. THANK YOU to all  Lino Varanausko vet. clinic personnel, vet. doctor Aiste Balcieriute- Lapinskiene, who did successfully surgery. Shanels life is the best Christmas gift for me.




''H''litters 8th Birthday

Holy, Mauras, Humberto Happy 8th Birthday. You are veterans already. So sad that our Hilary this birthday celebrate in rainbow country. My beauty, we miss you so much.



Givenchy's successful dog show
2019.09.21 Slagelse spec. berner sennehund dog show in Denmark, judge Julia Hierner,Sweden. GIVENCHY TAI BRIZO in junnior class from 8 females got- Very good.
2019.09.22 Internacional dog show in Ballerup, Denmark, judge Jörgen Hindse, Denmark. GIVENCHY TAI BRIZO in junior class (were 8 famales) got Excellent 3 . Congratulations to owner, hendler Madelene Friberg. You both are great team. Good luck in the future... 




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