Bernese mountain dog litters

 A vada   We have available puppies


Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo  x  Coeli Lumen Eos Everestas (Russia)
Nr Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia's and other tests Notes
1 Amber Queen Tai Brizo female red 400gr   reserved
2 Akeso Tai Brizo female yellow 400gr   reserved
3 Amati Tai Brizo male  green 415gr   wait deposit
4 Aphrodite Tai Brizo female orange 440gr   reserved
5 Apollo Tai Brizo male blue 330gr   reserved
6 Artemis Tai Brizo female pink 365gr   available

G litter   


Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo  x  Mountain Crystal Dream Come True (Hungary)
Nr. Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia's and other tests Notes
1 Gone with the wind Tai Brizo female yellow 505gr   America
2 Givenchy Tai Brizo female pink 360gr   Sweden
3 Gryffindor Tai Brizo male blue 505gr   Lithuania
4 Galileo Galilei Tai Brizo male orange 535gr   Lithuania


R litter  


Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo   x    PL JCH Lusion Be My Dream (Poland)
N Name Sex Ribbon weight  Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Rhea Silvia female orange 510gr HD-A, ED-0, DM exon1,2- N/N, eyes, heart clear America
2 Rishiri Eden female pink 445gr HD-A/A, ED-0/0 Switzerland
3 Roosevelt male blue 465gr   Lithuania
4 Ramesses male turquoise 440gr   Lithuania
5 Red Hot Chili Peppers female red 435gr HD-A/B, ED-0/0 Switzerland
6 Rubens male yellow 460gr   America
7 Roshera female mint 460gr   Lithuania

   B litter


Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo  x Bernljungens Flax BlackJack (Sweden)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Bounty female pink 460gr dysplasia free, eyes, heart clear, vWD1 -N America
2 Baltic Black Balsam female yelow 340gr   Latvia
3 Balzac male green 480gr   Lithuania
4 Blueberry Hill female red 455gr HD-A, ED-0, DM exon1-N/N, exon2-N/DM Brizo
  Breakfast At Tiffany female orange 475gr HD-A, ED-0 Lithuania
6 Black Truffle female violet 340gr HD-A, ED-0 Denmark
7 Buggatti female mint 465gr   Lithuania

P litter


Shanel Cesar Brizo x PLCH Henri van’t Stokerybos (Belgium)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Prisha God's Gift female orange  545gr   Croatia
2 Perl La Peregrina female mint 460gr   Lithuania
3 Perseus male turquoise 565gr   Lithuania
4 Piaf Padam Padam female pink 600gr HD-A, ED-0 Sweden
5 Pandora Legend female red 600gr   Lithuania

F litter 


Hilary O’Hara Tai Brizo x IT, AZ CH Bernerdalens Jovanotti (Sweden)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Full Moon In Fuji San male blue 430gr   Latvia
2 Ferretti Fantasy female yelow 485gr HD-A, ED-0 Norway
3 Figaro Crazy Day male green 470gr 2018.10.26 tumor liver Sweden
4 Foster Charming Prince male orange  450gr 2015 poison Russia
5 Friedrich Wrangel male turquoise 490gr HD-A, HD-0 Sweden
6 Fleming Royal Life male violet 470gr   Holand
7 Feba Queen Of My Heart female red 430gr HD- B/C, ED-0/1 Sweden

M litter 


Shanel Cesar Brizo x LT JCH Algrand Berni Vashington (Russia)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Miss Monaco female orange 575gr   Lithuania
2 Merci Paris female yellow 585gr   Russia
3 Madame De Monsoreau female green 510gr   Russia
4 Magnus Dux male violet 655gr   Lithuania
5 Magnat Debon male turquoise 545gr 2018.06.07 lymfoma Denmark
6 Mademoiselle Coco female red 560gr   Russia
7 Margo De Valua female pink 515gr HD-A, ED-0 America
8 Maxwell male blue 665gr dysplasia America
9 Milady De Winter female gray 550gr HD-A, ED-0 America


 D litter


Shanel Cesar Brizo  x   H JCH, H CH Sennenland's Chance to Win (Hungary)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Da Vincy Mystery male green 495gr   Germany
2 De Luxe Amour female yellow 465gr   Ireland
3 Dark Cherry female cherry  390gr died 2016 Belgium
4 Demure Glamour female pink 530gr dysplasia Czech Rep.
5 Double Surprise For Darwin male violet 480gr   Scotland
6 Dazzler male blue 540gr   Scotland
7 Dilmah Red Rose female red 530gr   Scotland
8 Divine Discovery female orange 570gr HD-A, ED-0 Lithuania

 H litter 


Shanel Cesar Brizo  x   PL JCH, PL CH Keep In Touch della Torre d‘Ovarda (Italija)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Holy Dream female red 490gr   Lithuania
2 Harley Davidson male electric 545gr   Lithuania
3 Hamilton Star male green 455gr HD-A, HD-0 Finland
4 Hammer Grant male yellow 480gr   Finland
5 Herkus Monte male violet 505gr HD-A, ED-0 Russia
6 Honey Moon female orange 505gr HD-B ,ED-0, died 2017.11.07 Finland
7 Hugo Bacio male white 490gr   Lithuania
8 Humberto Famoso male l. green 490gr   Lithuania
9 Hilary O'Hara female pink 515gr HD-A, ED-0, DM exon1-N/N, exon2-N/DM Brizo
10 Harry Potter male blue 500gr 2018.05.21 tumor Norway

S litter


LT CH Gabana Bohemijos Žibutė  x  LTJCH, LT,LV,RUS CH Cesar Surprises Kensen (Danija)
N Names Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Shtomberg Cesar males white 519gr died 2014- stop  heart Lietuva
2 Shantrell Cesar males gray 570gr   Lietuva
3 Sheridan Cesar males brown 451gr 2016.11.13- tumor in lungs Lietuva
4 Shelton Cesar males moss 501gr HD-A, ED-1/0 , 2016.09.07- tumor Lietuva
5 Shardonnet Cesar males l. blue 557gr HD-A, ED-0 ,  2016.03.17 cancer Lietuva
6 Shanet Cesar female pink 411gr HD-A, ED1/0,  died 2016.07.22- babesiosė Lithuania
7 Sharon Cesar male green 447gr died 2009.08 - poison Lithuania
8 Shanel Cesar female red 505gr HD-A, ED-0 Brizo
9 Shakespear Cesar male violet 444gr   Lithuania
10 Shanghai Cesar male blue 500gr   Lithuania
11 Shopen Cesar  male yellow 366gr   Lithuania
12 Sheila Cesar female raspberry 523gr died 2009- poison Lithuania



Hips (HD) Elbows ( ED)
HD- A    clear ED- 0  clear
HD- B    small changes ED- light
HD- C   light ED- 2  medium
HD- D    medium ED- 3   hard
HD- E    hard  
 Puppies leave home at two months old.They have FCI/LKD pedigree, microchips, europian animals passport (blue), are vaccinate by age. If you are interest, please call to us +37060599160 or write e-mail


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