In memories



(Cesar Surprises Kensen x Gabana Bohemijos Žibutė)
Data of birth:   2009.01.30 - 2020.01.04 (tumor)
HD-A/A, ED-0/0, eyes clear
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - N/DM 
Height - 65cm
Weight-  46kg


11 years together. I know these are beautiful years, but it doesn't comfort us. I wish they would live longer. These eleven years passed like one day... Remain only big pain, memories and photos. I remember you little 505 g with the red ribbon on the neck and sleeping in my palms. You remain the same: beautiful, calm, obedient, loyal, smart, loving people and children. You were my guard, always nearby me in the forest, meadow, when we went to fishing or at home. You understood me from one look, one word, one gesture. You were my mermaid big swimmer. You tought to swim your daughter Hilary and grandaughter Blueberry. Your favorit activity was to go to fishing and swimming. Thank you for all these amazing years together, for giving us beautiful puppies and unconditional love. We all hoped you would live long after the operation but we were wrong. We wondered why you continue losing energy and apparently you had much bigger health problems than we thought. Shanel, sorry that we couldn't help you more. We had to let you go to the rainbow land. Now you can run painless in the rainbow field together with your mom Gabana, daughter Hilary and your friends. We all miss you so much. You will always remain in our memories and hearts. It is difficult to speak, write, see pictures. Tears, pressure in the throat and heartbreak.



             (Keep In Touch della Torre d'Ovarda
                           x Shanel Cesar Brizo)
Date of birth: 
2011.11.15- 2019.04.11 ( tumor)
HD-A/A, ED-0/0, eyes clear
DM- exon1- N/N, exon2- N/DM
Pre-Test Histiocytis Sarcoma- B
Height- 63cm
Weight- 45kg                 


It is heartbreaking. Yesterday you were running on the seaside, swimming in the Baltic Sea and today you are not here with us anymore. It happened so suddenly and unexpected. Doctors gave us hope, operation was done but unfortunately you left this world... I still can’t believe what’s happened. It seams that anytime you run to me and ask for a cuddle and kiss your wet freckled nose. You loved all of us so much. Our friends used to call you a “rubber” just because you were able to concur everyone’s heart and be cuddled all the time. And how much you adored the water! You could swim in any swamp at any season. You were a good swimmer and felt that I have a fear to swim so you were protecting by letting me to stay in the water only. My girl, thank you for all days spent together, for your endless and unconditional love, friendship, loyalty, clever eyes, given wonderful puppies. At home your mom Shanel and daughter Blueberry are missing you. She is so alike you. She was a blood donor to save you but nobody knows what is our fate. I feel you are near me, your name is on my lips, your mom and daughter are reacting to it. My beauty Hilary, you haven’t left us we just can’t see you. You are near us, in our minds and hearts. Pictures, memories and pain stayed only...





Lithunian Champion
(Kenny Gemerskej Polomy x Simba Bohemijos Žibutė)                                       
Data of birth
2006.12.23 - 2011.09.06 (babesia)
HD A/A, ED 0/0, eyes clear
Height-  61 cm
Weight - 42 kg


My Dear Gabana, thank You for those wonderful years, spent together with me. You have brought me back to the youth. Your appearance in our family has inspired my big love to Bernese sMountain dogs, matured and implemented the idea of the kennel Brizo. You gave me wonderful 12 puppies! Your daughter Shanel will always remind me about You… All those years You were near by me. Your deep brown, clever eyes have always understood me. You even twice jumped from the pretty high balcony, that just to be near me! I loved and protected You so much! You were my Sun, Happiness, Joy, Dream, Hope and Life, which You have changed. We have gain together new amazing friends, who were always near us. All of us wished You could heal, but unfortunately… You chose the Rainbow Land too early, where there is no pain, just peace and calm.  There nobody will take you with a leash or require to put the muzzle on – there people are very good… There are plenty of lakes, seas, where You could dive and pick up the stones… Cows, rabbits, roe deers, butterflies will be Your friends now. There is the smell of hay, because all the meadows are mowed on time and there are no any horrible ticks. In this Land everything is allowed to You… Now You are free…My beautiful, run happily in the Rainbow fields… You will always stay in my heart… It is very sad and empty without You… God, give me the strength… 

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