Beautiful boys Victory

Wonderful news today  I am so happy and proud. Dogshow  was in Hässle 2024-04-27. Charleston Dancer Tai Brizo in junior class got EXC, HP, BM-1, BMkkl-1, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN GROUP-1, BEST IN SHOW-2



Clayton Stole My Heart Tai Brizo was in intermediate class and got EXC, HP, BM-1, BMkkl-2. Thank you for fantastic judgement on both my boys Anette Hellner, BIG and BIS judge: Anette Hellner, Veronika Tell, Lotta Carping (Sweden). Congratulations for owner Petrina and Claes Andersson and Thank you for  excellent job in the ring, grooming. You are greet team and wish in the future many nice Victories.




Goodbye 2023


We say goodbye to 2024. For kennel the year was calm, without big problems. In December was born new wonderful puppies. We wish for friends, my puppies families a happy, successful New 2024 Year. May all your dreams come true.





First snow


Finally in our town came winter. My love Versace Diamond Tai Brizo is happy to see first snow.








Clayton the best dog in show !!!


 Wonderful fantastic news today. Clayton Stole My Heart Tai Brizo 9.5 month old. Second time in Junior class and he went all the way. Dog show was in Veberöd 2023.09.24. Clayton got EXC, HP, Jkkl -1, BM-1, BOB, Best In II Group -BIG-1, Best in show Junior- BIS-1, Best in show adult dogs- BIS-1! About Clayton judge wrote a few words only: ''This Junior male shall NOT be on small Dogshows. He is MAGICALLY BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT IN EVERYTHING, WELLBALANCE, EXQUISITELY FINE''. Judge John John Johnsson SWE, thank you so much for thinking so highly about my boy. At this age to become THE BEST DOG IN SHOW is so big VICTORY! Only one step left to Sweden champion title. Congratulations to owners Petrina and Claes Andersson. I am so proud of you both...








Clayton got his first CAC



Once again a fantastic day for Clayton Stole My Heart Tai Brizo. Nacional Dog Show was 2023.09.17 in Tomelilla, Sweden. First time in Junior class (at age 9 months and 5 days old) he got his first CAC!!!  EXC, CQ, JKKL-1, CAC, BM-3, BEST JUNIOR, BIS Junior. From judge Sanna Vakkilainen FI he got perfect critic: boy excellent well developed for his age, beautiful head with nice details,bite good, excellent pigmentation, dark eyes, already excellent topline and bone structure, excellent body, balanced angles, moves sound and good with just a little high tail, beautiful markings, very well showed by his handler. Congratualtions with nice Victory hendler and owners Petrina and Claes Andersson. 





Clayton won again!!!


Once again a fantastic successful day for Clayton Stole My Heart Tai Brizo at dogs how 03.09.2023 in Hässleholm, Sweden.The last time he was in puppy class 6-9 months and won EXC, HP, BM-1, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-4. Clayton got excellent critic: 8.5 month old, very masculine male, attractive whole of him, symmetrically drawn, beautiful head with very nice details, beautiful topline and bottomline, excellent bone frame so muscle, very nice paws, Moves very well in all ways and all around, little curly coat on back and withers. Thank you judge Monika Åkesson SWE for thinking so highly about boy, and for fantastic judgement. Thank you Camilla Lungren and Tobias Cederstrom for the nice pictures and video.






Goodbye summer



Versace Diamond Tai Brizo says goodbye for the summer...






again fantastic results


Once again fantastic results today 12.08.2023 at Nordic Dogs show Ronneby in Sweden. Clayton Stole My Heart Tai Brizo (8 months old today) Puppy class 6-9 months got EXC 1, HP, BM-1, BOS/BIM, Very nice judgement, judge Matthes Morten from Denmark. Thank you owners Tina and Claes Andersson for the Victory.

Charlie won in Nacional Dog show Tvaaker


Soo Happy Fantastic results for Charlie  day National Dogshow Tvååker 08.07.2023. Charleston Dancer Tai Brizo ( he is almost 7 months old ) Puppy class 6-9 months. EXC 1HP, BM-1, BOB/BIR. He got fantastic judgement from judge Jan Herngren SWE: 7 months old nice male, could be a size bigger in that age in my eyes, very nice head and expression, nice angles both front and back, very good bonestructure, nice paws, promising coat, moves very well, and moves well with tail carried very good, for age good stabile front. Congratulations to owner and hendler Tina Andersson, Claes. We all are so happy. Thank you Kicki Nordlund, Pernila Svedjeby, Anneli Jonsson for pictures and videos. 








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