Bernese mountain dog litters

V vada

Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo  x  Forever Unique Rojaus Bernas (Lietuva)
Nr Name Sex Ribbon weight  Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Versace Diamond Tai Brizo female orange 550gr    
2 Viscount Bailey Tai Brizo male turquoise 600gr    


'O'  litter

Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo  x  Maglod - Falvi Energy Bomb JN. (Hungary)
Nr Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia's and other tests Notes
1 Oscar Tai Brizo male green 530gr   Lithuania
2 Odysseia Tai Brizo female pink 585gr   Lithuania
3 Oprah Tai Brizo female mint 450gr   Netherland


' A'  litter  


Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo  x  Coeli Lumen Eos Everestas (Russia)
Nr Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia's and other tests Notes
1 Amber Queen Tai Brizo female red 400gr   Lithuania
2 Akeso Tai Brizo female yellow 400gr   Lithuania
3 Amati Tai Brizo male  green 415gr   America
4 Aphrodite Tai Brizo female orange 440gr   Lithuania
5 Apollo Tai Brizo male blue 330gr   Lithuania
6 Artemis Tai Brizo female pink 365gr   Lithuania

'G'  litter   


Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo  x  Mountain Crystal Dream Come True (Hungary)
Nr. Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia's and other tests Notes
1 Gone with the wind Tai Brizo female yellow 505gr   America
2 Givenchy Tai Brizo female pink 360gr   Sweden
3 Gryffindor Tai Brizo male blue 505gr   Lithuania
4 Galileo Galilei Tai Brizo male orange 535gr   Lithuania


'R'  litter  


Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo   x    PL JCH Lusion Be My Dream (Poland)
N Name Sex Ribbon weight  Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Rhea Silvia female orange 510gr HD-A, ED-0, DM exon1,2- N/N, eyes, heart clear America
2 Rishiri Eden female pink 445gr HD-A/A, ED-0/0 Switzerland
3 Roosevelt male blue 465gr   Lithuania
4 Ramesses male turquoise 440gr   Lithuania
5 Red Hot Chili Peppers female red 435gr HD-A/B, ED-0/0 Switzerland
6 Rubens male yellow 460gr   America
7 Roshera female mint 460gr   Lithuania

   'B'  litter


Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo  x Bernljungens Flax BlackJack (Sweden)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Bounty female pink 460gr dysplasia free, eyes, heart clear, vWD1 -N, DM-N/N, 2022.01.16 sarcoma  America
2 Baltic Black Balsam female yelow 340gr   Latvia
3 Balzac male green 480gr 2022.02.05 sarcoma Lithuania
4 Blueberry Hill female red 455gr HD-A, ED-0, DM exon1-N/N, exon2-N/DM   2021.11.14 accident Brizo
  Breakfast At Tiffany female orange 475gr HD-A, ED-0 Lithuania
6 Black Truffle female violet 340gr HD-A, ED-0 Denmark
7 Buggatti female mint 465gr   Lithuania

'P'  litter


Shanel Cesar Brizo x PLCH Henri van’t Stokerybos (Belgium)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Prisha God's Gift female orange  545gr   Croatia
2 Perl La Peregrina female mint 460gr 2021.08.16 Lithuania
3 Perseus male turquoise 565gr   Lithuania
4 Piaf Padam Padam female pink 600gr HD-A, ED-0 Sweden
5 Pandora Legend female red 600gr 2022.05.18 Lithuania

'F' litter


Hilary O’Hara Tai Brizo x IT, AZ CH Bernerdalens Jovanotti (Sweden)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Full Moon In Fuji San male blue 430gr   Latvia
2 Ferretti Fantasy female yelow 485gr HD-A, ED-0, 2020.10.08 sarkoma Norway
3 Figaro Crazy Day male green 470gr 2018.10.26 tumor liver Sweden
4 Foster Charming Prince male orange  450gr 2015 poison Russia
5 Friedrich Wrangel male turquoise 490gr HD-A, HD-0 2020.10.08 sarcoma Sweden
6 Fleming Royal Life male violet 470gr 2021.03.08 sarcoma Holand
7 Feba Queen Of My Heart female red 430gr HD- B/C, ED-0/1 2022.01.17 sarcoma Sweden

 'M'  litter 


Shanel Cesar Brizo x LT JCH Algrand Berni Vashington (Russia)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Miss Monaco female orange 575gr   Lithuania
2 Merci Paris female yellow 585gr   Russia
3 Madame De Monsoreau female green 510gr   Russia
4 Magnus Dux male violet 655gr   Lithuania
5 Magnat Debon male turquoise 545gr 2018.06.07 lymfoma Denmark
6 Mademoiselle Coco female red 560gr   Russia
7 Margo De Valua female pink 515gr HD-A, ED-0 America
8 Maxwell male blue 665gr dysplasia, 2019.01.29 lungs cancer America
9 Milady De Winter female gray 550gr HD-A, ED-0 America


'D'  litter


Shanel Cesar Brizo  x   H JCH, H CH Sennenland's Chance to Win (Hungary)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Da Vincy Mystery male green 495gr 2020.05.31 lymfoma Germany
2 De Luxe Amour female yellow 465gr 2020.04.06 cancer Ireland
3 Dark Cherry female cherry  390gr  2016 Belgium
4 Demure Glamour female pink 530gr dysplasia,  2019.05.21 , stomack Czech Rep.
5 Double Surprise For Darwin male violet 480gr 2020.10.10, cancer Scotland
6 Dazzler male blue 540gr 2020.02.20 cancer Scotland
7 Dilmah Red Rose female red 530gr 2019.09.07  twisted stomach Scotland
8 Divine Discovery female orange 570gr HD-A, ED-0,  2019.10.15 cancer Lithuania

 'H'  litter 


Shanel Cesar Brizo  x   PL JCH, PL CH Keep In Touch della Torre d‘Ovarda (Italija)
N Name Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Holy Dream female red 490gr 2021.08.15 cancer Lithuania
2 Harley Davidson male electric 545gr   Lithuania
3 Hamilton Star male green 455gr HD-A, HD-0 Finland
4 Hammer Grant male yellow 480gr 2014, heart Finland
5 Herkus Monte male violet 505gr HD-A, ED-0    2019.01.31 Russia
6 Honey Moon female orange 505gr HD-B ,ED-0, died 2017.11.07 Finland
7 Hugo Bacio male white 490gr 2020.06.24 cancer Lithuania
8 Humberto Famoso male l. green 490gr   Lithuania
9 Hilary O'Hara female pink 515gr HD-A, ED-0, DM exon1-N/N, exon2-N/DM,  2019.04.11  canser Brizo
10 Harry Potter male blue 500gr 2018.05.21 tumor Norway

'S'  litter


LT CH Gabana Bohemijos Žibutė  x  LTJCH, LT,LV,RUS CH Cesar Surprises Kensen (Danija)
N Names Sex Ribbon Weight Dysplasia and other tests Notes
1 Shtomberg Cesar males white 519gr died 2014- stop  heart Lietuva
2 Shantrell Cesar males gray 570gr   Lietuva
3 Sheridan Cesar males brown 451gr 2016.11.13- tumor in lungs Lietuva
4 Shelton Cesar males moss 501gr HD-A, ED-1/0 , 2016.09.07- tumor Lietuva
5 Shardonnet Cesar males l. blue 557gr HD-A, ED-0 ,  2016.03.17 cancer Lietuva
6 Shanet Cesar female pink 411gr HD-A, ED1/0,  died 2016.07.22- babesiosė Lithuania
7 Sharon Cesar male green 447gr died 2009.08 - poison Lithuania
8 Shanel Cesar female red 505gr HD-A, ED-0 Brizo
9 Shakespear Cesar male violet 444gr 2015.11.11 sarcoma Lithuania
10 Shanghai Cesar male blue 500gr 2018.03.31 sarcoma Lithuania
11 Shopen Cesar  male yellow 366gr   Lithuania
12 Sheila Cesar female raspberry 523gr died 2009- poison Lithuania



Hips (HD) Elbows ( ED)
HD- A    clear ED- 0  clear
HD- B    small changes ED- light
HD- C   light ED- 2  medium
HD- D    medium ED- 3   hard
HD- E    hard  
 Puppies leave home at two months old.They have FCI/LKD pedigree, microchips, europian animals passport (blue), are vaccinate by age. If you are interest, please call to us +37060599160 or write e-mail


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