Puppies learnt nice to stand...

Puppies are 4 weeks old and they had first show, fan... They learnt nice to stand. More photos are  in the page "we have puppies"

Puppies are 4 weeks old

Hilary puppies today are 4weeks old. They eating porridge, drinking mom's milk and more and more are active. About puppies more photos and info are in page "We have puppies"

Puppies are three weeks old

Time is running. Hilary's puppies are 3 weeks old already.How they are growing, more pictures and video you can find in page "We have puppies"

Hilary became a mommy!!!
We are so happy!!! 2014.08.22 Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo became a mommy. At home we have wonderful 7 puppies (5 boys and 2 girls). More info about litter are in page "We have puppies"



Hilary will become mommy soon...

 Runing the last days of pregnancy. Hilary is so tired. Her belly is big, she doesn't want to walk so long. Her appetite is decreasing. After few days Hilary will become a mommy...


Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo first time will be a mom...

We all are so happy. Soon our Hilary O'HARA TAI BRIZO first time will be a mom. The puppies father is Sweden's blood lines handsome boy BERNERDALENS JOVANOTTI. More info about parents, puppies pedigree, our trip to Italy you can read in page "planned litters"



 Midsummer already. Puppies left the homeland already. We have more time be together with our big girls. Hilary and Shanel almost every day go to swim, tasting the strawberries, blueberies. Shanel trying retrieve strenght after delivery. After puppies she lost "coat" and looks so funny. I hope after two months she will be the nice bear girl again :-)

Mademoiselle Coco is agreat swimmer!!!

Today “M” litter is already 12 weeks. For this occasion we decided to bring the last puppy girl Mademoiselle Coco Tai Brizo to swim in our lake for the first time. The day was very hot +26C. We even didn’t have time to realise and take a photo camera to the hand when little girl has followed her mummy Shanel to the water and started to swim on her own. The water was still chilly but it didn’t scare Coco. She did a little circle and came back to the shore. She couldn’t realise what just had happened and why her fair is so heavy. Puppies in this age still don’t know how to dry it so Coco started to roll over on the grass and  snuggle into our clothes. The little girl went to swim a few meters more for a several times. What a brave puppy… It’s amazing that the first swimming and a big lake didn’t scare her. I hope that in the future she will swim and dive so well as her mummy Shanel and sister Hilary.

Dad, Tazci, Happy 6th Birthday !!!!!

Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo sends best greetings to father Keep In Touch della Torre d"Ovarda (Taczi). Today he is celebraiting his 6th Birthday. We are so proud of our "H" litter's father. We wish you a long, nice life and many victories in the ring. Love you !!!


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