We visited Hugo Bacio Tai Brizo

We visited  Hilary's brother Hugo Bacio Tai Brizo (Mauris). He lives not too far from us. Mauris grew up in handsome and healthy boy. He has so good character: is so gentle, bold, watchful, communicative. Thanks, Virginija for the care and love for my boy.

Shanel's babies are 3 weeks old

Shanel's puppies- 3weeks old. They have tooths, eat mash, weight is more than 2 kg. Puppies already  posing of the camera sit. More info in the page "WE HAVE PUPPIES"

berno zenenhundų šuniukas-pink mergytė  berno zenenhundų šuniukas-orange mergytė
Kennel Brizo got gifts from Belgium

Today Shanel , Hilary and Puppies got two  big boxes full of gifts from my friend Christel in Belgium . Toys, toys and even more toys.... a tunnel, reflective jackets for the dark time, a heart shaped dog toilet bags holder with a lot of bags, a special tag shaped as golden heart  for Hilary with her name, very delicious treats. Christel, thank you so much for the gifts...and we are waiting you to Klaipeda again.







A new Hamilton Star Tai Brizo photo

Hamilton Star Tai Brizo lives in Finland. This week owner Anne and Hamilton were in the photo studio. Anne sent for me a beautiful new Hamilton's picture. At photo boy (Rico) is almost 14 months old.




Bernese mountain dog Puppies already 17 days

Shanel Cesar Brizo puppies are already   17 days old.Every day they are stronge, after few days we  wil start to give them mash.  More puppies photo you can see in page "WE HAVE PUPPIES". At photo are our three musketeers.

blue,violet,green boys



Bernese mountain dogs Puppies- 2 weeks old

 Bernese mountain dogs puppies already are 2 weeks old. They all opened the eyes, stronge stand on the legs, respond to the human voice, other sounds. The litter's letter is "D". Soon we publish the names. At photo puppies are resting after lunch. More photos you can see in the page "WE HAVE PUPPIES" or in FB


Happy New 2013 Year !!!

Tonight we will open door for a new year.

Kennel Brizo wish You to all a Happy and Healthy New 2013 Year!!!

berno zenenhundu veislynas Brizo sveikina


Honey Moon Tai Brizo again get ready go to the dog show

We got letter from Miia Martikainen. Our girl Hoeny Moon Tai Brizo  get ready go to the show. She learns to nice stand and run in the ring. She is so friendly, smart dog, has so lovely character. In january she will go to the dog show again. Good luck my dear girls for you bough.

berno zenenhundas Honey Moon Tai Brizo


The puppies already are one week old...

 Today puppies are already one week old. The mom Shanel has so many milk yet, and puppies are growing so good. They started respond to the sounds, after few days will open the eyes.




Our Merry Christmas with a big group of Bernese mountain dogs

This year our Christmas is very full in our house! We have eight “singing” bernese mountain puppies, which have already 6 days today! Shanel is very caring mother. She could stay with her puppies without eating and drinking all day. We allowed to Hilary to meet her new sisters and brothers. With a curiosity she smelled each of them and taped with her nose. For now it seams to her the new live “toys”. We organised the first puppies’ foto sesion. The pictures you can find in the link "We have puppies"

violet boy kennel Brizo



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