Dog show Hobi Taure-25

2017.06.24 we were at CAC dog show ''Hobi Taurė-25" Rusne, Lithuania. Judge D. Šerstinskaja, Lietuva. In open class were 4 females. Breakfast At Tiffany Tai Brizo- Excellent 2, Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo- Excellent 3. 


Congratulations all with midsummer !!!

Dog show in Palanga
2017.06.10 two sisters were in dog show Palanga, judge Bonka Georgieva Laslo (Bulgaria). Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo (without coat) in junior class got Excellent 2. Was debut for girl Breakfast at Tiffany Tai Brizo.  At ring she was brave, run and stand very nice. In open class she got- Excellent 2 . 
2017.06.11 judge in bernese mountain dogs ring was Sabina Chiesa-Folbrecht (Bulgaria). Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo, junior class - Excellent 3, Breakfast At Tiffany Tai Brizo, open class- Excellent 2.
Show marathon

In June us wait shows marathon. Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo will go to Klaipeda, Plunge, Silute dog show. She doesn't looks good now, because Blueberry lost coat, soon will be heat. Next month we planing to do hips, elbows dysplasias and eyes tests. We  pray for the good tests results. If Blueberry will be healthy we planing to use her in breeding program. Shanel Hilary and Blueberry enjoy the beginnng of summer ...

Happy Birthday ''P''litters puppies!

27 May ''P'' litters puppies celebrate2 th Birthday! Happy Birthday Pandora, Perseus, Perla, Tesla, Daisy. Be happy, healthy, smart, beautiful...

At the end of May came summer

The end of May came summer. Teperature weather is 28C. Hot is for our dogs. We walk early in the morning and late in the evening, go to swim.

We are waiting warmer days

Came May already, but outside is chilly.  A few days in May we had snow. Bernese mountain dogs like cool weather. Shanel, Hilary, Blueberry would like to swim, but water too cold yet. We are waiting warmer days...

World Wide Bernese Walk in Klaipeda,

 2017.04.22 we had World Wide bernese walk in Klaipeda (Lithuania). Were more 20 dogs with owners. We all have great time together. We hope next year to see more dogs...


Came April. The sun and wind exsiccate our fields. Above head skylark sing songs. Get up ticks already. Without drops from ticks better do not go in the field. Shanel and Hilary are happy to walk in the fields...

Bounty is 15 months already

Our female Bounty Tai Brizo lives in America. At home she has new name Olivia. Girl grows beautifully and is happy with new family. Girl is 15 months already. She will have elbows and hips dysplasia's test soon. I hope she will be ''clear" and owner can use her for the breeding. Thanks Cheryl for the nice Olivias pictures.

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