Hilary and Goyans puppies are 6 weeks

Hilary's and Goyan's puppies are 6 weeks already. We are waiting from LKD puppies pedigree. Soon they will be vaccinated. We have available puppies for the show and pet home. More informacion, pictures, videos you can find in page "R'' litter. If you are interest please write or call to us. 

Hilary celebrate her 5th birthday

Today my beauty Hilary celebrate her 5 th Birthday...How fast is flying time... She was born 515 gr with black spot on the nose already. After few days we knew, that pink girl will stay to live in kennel. Now Hilary is a big bear, her weight is 46 kg, she gave to us 3 nice litters and she is wonderful mom. Happy Birthday my sweety!!!

''H'' litter celebrate 5th birthday

''H'' litters dogs, today celebrate 5th Birtday. Happy Birthday dear puppies and my beauty Hilary. I wish you to all long long and healthy years. Mom Shanel and me send to you many kisses and hugs...

Sad new...

2016.11.13 we said goodbye for Shanels brother Sheridan Cesar Brizo.  He felt bad a few months ago. Owners did so many heathy test, and finaly vet. doctors verdict was lungs cancer.  Run free my handsome Sheridan in rainbow meadows... You always will stay in our hearts. My simpathy for owners Darius ir Valerija. Thanks for happy Sheridan's  life.

We have new litter

22 October in kennel was born a new ''R'' litter. We have wonderful 7 puppies, 4 girls and 3 boys. Mom Hilary and  puppies feel good. More informacion read in page "We have puppies"

Berry's first dog show in junior class

Berry is 9 months old already. Today 2016.10.01 first time she was in junior class. At dog show "Šiaulių Taurė' 2016" Šiauliai, Lithuania, judge Terentieva Viera (Belarus). Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo- JN, Junior Best. Thanks judge for the excellent female's description.

Goodbye, Hund...
  In July boy Hund didn't felt good and owner went with him to vet.clinic. Doctor did blood test, checked kidneys, liver, heart. All tests were excellent. Went days, but Hund's  health wasn't better. Only after X-ray, doctor found ailment's reason. Under dog's heart was a big tumor...
Today 7 September 2016 Shelton Cesar Brizo (Hund) left us. Run free my boy without pain... You are not with us more, but you stay in our hearts and memory. My condolence to owner Giedre Krajauskiene and her family. Thanks for your love and Hund's happy days with your family.


"F" litter, Happy Birthday!

Hilary's ''F'' litters puppies today celebraiting 2th Birthday. Feba, Ferro, Figaro, Ferretti, Floksi, Mulle HAPPY 2th BIRTHDAY! I wish you a long, healthy and happy life !

Tiffany came to visit us

Came to visit us puppy from "B'' litter Breakfast at Tiffany Tai Brizo. She forgot me, home, yeard already. First time she worried. After 15 minutes she started to play and we had a traning. Soon we will see Tiffany with owner Loreta in the ring.

Berry's first dog show

25 June Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo was at first dog show Hobi Taure'2016 Šilute, Lithuania  judge was Viktoras Avtuško (Lithuania). Puppy got  Very Promising and Puppy Best. Day was so hot +27C, but Berry was so brave and active.

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