To visit puppies came Christel

To visit puppies from Netherland came Christel. We both celebrathed our and puppies ( 2 months) birthday. Christel went to home not alone...with her went to live our girl Dark Cherry. She will be the 4-th berner in this family.

berno zenenhundų šuniukai Dazzler ir Darwin   Chritel birthday


puppies Demure and Dazzler           berno zenenhundu šuniukų bučinys
Shanel puppies are 2 months old already!!!

Today puppies are celebrate mini birthday. This day they got delicious dried pigs ears. Puppies growing good. They are so active, go to play outside.



Brizo puppies are 8 weeks old

Soon we will say " Goodbye" to our puppies. They already have LKD/FCI pedigree, EU pet passport, are identificated with a microchip, fully vaccinated for their age.

Dilmah Red Rose (red girl) looking a new owners yet . More puppies photos and info about litter are in the page"We have puppies"

Happy Fourth Birthday "S" litter and my Shanel !

Happy Fourth Birthday  "S" litter and my sweety  Shanel !!!

Be always healthy and happy !!!

berno zenenhundas Shanel  gimtadienis


Shanel's puppie are 6 weeks old

Shanel's puppies are 6 weeks old. More puppies photo after beauty salon you can finde here "Turime šuniukų"

Bernese mountain dog's puppies- 5 weeks old
Shanel's puppies are 5 weeks old. We all have a sharp teeths and try to eat a dry food. They are walking in all rooms, exsplore the things,object. Puppies barking, growl. Mom Shanel four time  a day feedin puppies yet. A more new puppies you can see in the page "WE HAVE PUPPIES"
A few puppies still available and looking a new lovely family !

Dazzler Tai Brizo-  menuo


Puppies had a first serious photoshoot

One months old puppies had a first shower, and a first serios photoshoot. More photos you will finde  "WE HAVE PUPPIES"

Shanel puppies are already one months old

Shanel puppies are one months old already. For times a day they are eating a mash and drinking a mother's milk. Them weight almost 4 kg, only our "cherry" girl is smalle. The puppies playing, barking. They have big and so sharp tooths. If they do not eat careful, mommy Shanel run from puppies.



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