Shardo took part at dog show in Sweeden

13/14 July was dog show in Tvaaker (Sweeden). In the dog show were 82 bernese mountain dogs. The first time here in the champion class was our male Shardo. The both days Shardonnet Cesar Brizo got EXCELLENT 2. Thanks to Jovita and Erikas Piskunovai for excellent Shardo's showing in the ring, nice grooming and photos.

Honey was in the dog show...

Honey 2013 July 13/14 was in the dog show Tuloksia Oulusta (Finland)  First day junge was from Switzerland  Clerc Elsbeth, secend day Long Doyle Ann from Ireland.  Honey Moon Tai Brizo got Very Good 1 , and next day - Very Good 2.  Congratulations to owner Miia and Honey.


The first Demure's dog show
Today 2013.06.01 in Czech Republic Zlin our Demure Glamour Tai Brizo was in her first dog show. Judge Josef Němec. In puppy class Demure Glamour Tai Brizo - VERY PROMISING 1
Congratulations to Kristina and Demure for the nice first Victory. We wish you always to keep the fortuna in your heands.

Demure Glamour Tai Brizo pirmoji paroda Labai Perspektyvi 1

Demure Glamour Tai Brizo su Spirit Dream Nazareth Kristina with Demure Glamour Tai Brizo ir Spirith Dream Nazareth
Honey Moon got a good review

Honey Moon Tai Brizo 2013.05.25 was in dog show Finland ( Judge Karl Erik Johansson from Sweden) The Honey got Very good 1 and so good review. Congratulations Miia, good luck to you in the future.

Honey Moon Tai Brizo ringe Suomijoje Honey Moon Tai Brizo su šeimininke Miia
The puppies are in a new home in Scotland already

We come back form England already. Puppies safe came to a new home in Scotland. De Luxe Amour all months will lives together with brothers yet and only in May she will go to Ireland. The puppies so fast understood that here is them a new home, "dad" and "mom". We got a few new photos from owners Margaret and Karen. Thank you so much for them.

berno zenenhundai Dazzler, De Luxe Amour ir Double Surprise For Darwin Škotijoje


berno zenenhundų  šuniukai, veislynas Brizo  berno zenenhundų šuniukai De Luxe Amour, Dazzler ir Darwin
 veislynas brizo ir jo trys mažieji berno zenenhundai   berno zenenhundas Dilmah Red Rose Tai Brizo su nauja šeimininke
A new Honey's photos from Finland

We got new pictures from our girl Honey Moon Tai Brizo from Findland. Honey now is 16 months old and she grew up very nice and healthy girl. She lives with other bern zenenhund female and handsome basset. In summer Honey will do displazia and eye test. Thanks to Miiai for a wonderful pictures.

The puppies are 12 weeks old

Today the puppies are 12 weeks old. Four puppies waiting trip to a new home. They growing and develop very nice. More info about puppies , read in the page "We have Puppies"

berno zenenhundai De Luxe Amour ir Dilmah Red Rose Tai Brizo



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