Independence Day

Our Independence Day, February 16 we celebrated on the lake. Weather was nice, -3C cold only. We fished, had hot tea, coffee. Dogs run in the forest, tryed to find hare, deer. We had great day.

Shanel, Happy 9th Birthday!

Today our first litter and my sweet, beautiful, calm, smart girl Shanel are celebrating 9th birthday. HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY! I wish  all you healthy and long long years together with us... 

Rhea had dysplasias and genetics tests

The new year start with a good news. In January Rhea had dysplasias test for hips and elbowst and genetics DM tests. We are so happy with a good news. Rhea Silvia Tai Brizo (Lotus) is free from dysplasia, Dm exon1- N/N, exon2- N/N. She has Good hips and Normal elbows!!! Congratolations to owner Robin Wats and thank you for the good care, love to Lotus.


Snow storm

We had first snow storm at the end of January only. Dogs and me are so happy. After walk dogs return clean finally...

Winter is ower

 Berner sennenhunds like winter better then summer. This year winter was so short, two weeks only. Outside is going rain again. We hope that February will bring to us cold and many snow...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 to all our friends, owners and dogs !!! 

D litter celebrate 5 th birthday !

 Baxter, Bentley, Mishka, Bacardi, Dante, Demure, Meggie, HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY ! Be all happy and healthy...

Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo is free from dysplasia...

 20 November we did healhty tests for our girl Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo. We are happy. Blueberry is free from dysplasia HD- A, ED- 0, OCD- free, her eyes are cear. She has genetic DM (degenerative myelopathy) tests also. DM exon1 (for berner sennenhunds)- N/N, exon2- N/DM. In the future we are planing to use girl for breeding plans.

Middle of November

Middle of November is already. We catch nice days without rain for the long walk with sennenhunds.  All are waiting first cold, snow, winter... Hilary, Blueberry, Shanel enjoy the last days of autumn...






''H'' litters 6 th Birthday!

One beautiful autum day, 15 Nowember Shanel gave me 10 puppies. One girl from this litter Hilary live in kennel. 2 dogs from litter left us already... Today my darling Hilary and her brothers, sister are celebrating 6th birthday. Dear puppies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Wish you all long, healthy, happy years together with owners... Send you a million kisses to your wet, black noses.

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