Hilary's eyes are clear !!!

Today 2013.09.21 vet.doctor Evaldas Diržinauskas did the eyes test to our female Hilary o'Hara Tai Brizo. We are so happy. The girls eyes are clear. Hilary is absolutely healthy girl, she has excellent hipps and elbows, her eyes are clear. We hope one day she will present for us a nice puppies...

berno zenenhundas Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo- akių testas puikus


Maggie is happy in Ireland

Today we got a new De Luxe Amour Tai Brizo (Maggie) photos from Ireland. She growing so nice and now is 9 months old already. Maggie go to the training and soon we will see her in the dog show. Good luck to you my sweety. Thanks to owner Suzanne for the nice Maggie's photos and big love and good care.


Honey Moon Tai Brizo had a displasia's test

A few weeks ago our girl from "H" litter in vet.clinic had eyes, hips, elbows dysplasia's tests. Additionally was taken knee's test. Today owner got afficial vet. doctor's answer from Finland club. Honey Moon Tai Brizo HD-B, ED-0, knee 0/0, eyes are clear. Congratulations to owner Miia Mairtikainen with good Honey's results.


Hilary's dysplasia's test result is excellent

2013.08.30  Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo had the dysplasia's test. We are so happy...Hilary has excellents hips and elbows.... HD-A, ED-0


The meeting with Da Vinci Mystery...

 First time we met with our boy from "D" litter Da Vinci Mystery Tai Brizo (Dante). He lives in Germany. These days Dante with owners are rested at the Baltic sea in Latvia. Here we all met. The mom Shanel, half sister Hilary and me were so happy to see Dante. We had all a great day at Baltic sea. Thanks Rūta and Michalel for love and good care for Dante. I hope next year we will meet you again. Have a nice and safe trip to home.

berno zenenhundų  Da Vinci, Hilary , Shanel susitikimas prie jūros


 berno zenenhundas Da Vinci Mystery Tai Brizo  berno zenenhundas Da Vinci Mystery Tai Brizo prie jūros
berno zenenhundai šėlsta prie jūros  berno zenenhundai  Hilary ir Dnate šėlsta jūroje
berno zenenhundas Dante prie Baltijos jūros  berno zenenhundai Shanel, Hilary, Dante
berno zenenhundas Dante su seiminkais Ruta ir Michaelu  berno zenenhundai Dante, Hilary ir Shanel Tai Brizo




Divine Discovery met her mom Shanel and sister Hilary

To visit us from Vilnius came "D" litter girl Divine Discovery Tai Brizo (Bacardi). We were in our like, where dogs cud run in the forest, meadow and swim in the lake. Bacardi is so smart girl. She knows many commands: stand, sit, lie, voice...She so likes to be in the water and swim. Girl grows surrounded by love and care. Thanks Jonas and Dalia for wonderful Bacardi's life

berno zenenhundas Divine Discovery Tai Brizo su savo šeimaberno zenenhundai Divine Discovery, Hilary O'Hara Tai Brizo su mama Shanel Cesar Brizo


berno zenenhundai žaidžia berno zenenhundai dvi sesutės Hilary, Bacardi maudosi
Demure Glamour soon will appear in the junior ring

The time running so fast. Soon the "D" litters puppies will be 9 months old and they will appear in the junior ring. To the dog show prepare our girl Demure Glamour Tai Brizo. She growing so nice,  like to swim...Thanks Kristina for the nice pictures and good luck for you both.

Berno zenenhundas Demure Glamour Tai Brizo su Kristina berno zenenhundas Demure Glamour Tai Brizo mėgsta maudytis
Baxter and Bentley are happy in Margaret's family

My two boys  Dazzler and Double Surprise for Darwin Tai Brizo ( Bentley ir Baxter)- are happy at Margaret's family in Scotland. They going to the puppy school, have wonderful socialization, are loved and pampered. Margaret, thanks for the good care at boys and nice photos. We send big hug and many kisses to you all.

berno zenenhundai su seimininke Margaret


berno zenenhundas Baxter vaišinasi šaltu gėrimu berno zenenhundai Baxter ir Bentley




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