April 2021


April. We feel springs smell. Versace Diamond Tai Brizo started to grow faster., she is  5 months old already.


First time at Baltic sea


Versace 4 months birthday met at Baltic sea. Today she lost and doesn't swallowed the last canine teeth. We had time to make a tooth picture.




Versaces walk distances are longer


The winter is here yet. Versace like snow, cold ,suny days. Her walk distances are longer.









First walk in the forest with mom Blueberry


Versace has the last vaccination. We took first time Versace to walk in forest together with mom Blueberry. Little girl was so happy, she wanted to be faster mom. 







brother Bailey visited sister Versace


Brother Bailey visited sister Versace Diamond Tai Brizo. They didn't saw each other month. Both joy and energy showed in the snow.








Merry Chrostmas and Happy New Year 2021 !!!

Wish you all happiness, a year without pain, tears and damn covid 19...




Bluebbery after delivery feel good


After puppies passed 2 months. Mom Blueberry  feel very good. 




First snow


Versaces first winter, snow.. 







Versace stay in kennel


From litter ''V'' female Versace Diamond Tai Brizo stay in kennel. Her dad is Forever Unique Rojaus Bernas, mom Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo... 






We have new litter ''V''


We are so happy. Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo became a mom again. 2020.10.07 was born two puppies, boy and girl. Father handsome boy Forever Uniue Rojaus Bernas, mom Blueberry Hill Tai Brizo. Puppies and mom feel good. 



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